Saturday, July 11, 2009

On Saturday, it was H-O-T outside! It was definitely a scorcher and we needed a treat to cool us off. I'd never set foot into the legendary Henry's and this was the perfect occasion to try it for the first time. I walked in there with no expectations, just that I'd be happily pleased with whatever I ended up with.

On our way to church, we pass Henry's. And now that one of the BFFs is moving closer, I pass Henry's more frequently during the 2.5 miles to her house. Anyway, here's the happy sign!
I love this old school bucket of smile-makers!
This framed Rorschach says: "A Henry's cow eating a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a snow-storm." Is it ok for cows to eat ice cream?
I ordered a waffle cone with Senator Shapiro's Praline. Mari and Don helped me finish it because my eyes were a thousand kinds bigger than my tummy. You can tell that she's lovin' it!
Brother seemed pretty happy with his pink vanilla Coke float.
Afterwards, we left full, happy, and I must agree with them, "Ice Cream Makes You Pretty."

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