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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We've had a lot of ice. It started sprinkling the ground last night. In the faint moonlight, it was like tiny glittering diamonds in the backyard. I knew the excessive crevice next to our front curb was freezing over. When we'd gotten in for the night, it was a 4 inch puddle of ridiculously cold water. I'd carefully avoided it and wondered if it was smart to park our car in the middle of it. But hey, it's an SUV, so it should be fine, right?

We don't have any space to park the car in the garage. With moving the office to the now guest bedroom/office, converting Mari's room from the office, and tucking away my craft space anywhere it would fit, all that was leftover moved to the office. When Don started to clean out the attic to nail floorboards down, most of what was up there moved to the garage. Needless to say, we have our very own U-haul personal storage, but I do miss the garage...especially on days like today.

I got up extra early to make it out and be at work early or on time. I was listening to KLUV oldies station when they announced all of the traffic jams. I figured, ok, I'll delay leaving just a little bit. I took out the flat iron and killed some time. Half an hour went by and the traffic jams multiplied. I sighed and went into my closet to decide what to wear. I heard them say it felt like 9 degrees outside. Great, I thought, as I stared at the bleak closet, upset that I still didn't have my clothes back from the dry cleaners. I had some capri pants that I didn't want to have to make work, but I didn't have much of a choice. I slipped on some thick opaque tights and work my black capris. I didn't want to wear my knee high boots, so I slipped on my gray booties and thick gray sweater. I didn't care about the traffic jams, I just needed to get on the road. I go outside to start the car and get it good and warm, but what happens? The doors are frozen solid!! I can't even pull it open. Nothing. Bleh!!

I march back in and fire up my laptop. I guess I have no choice but to work from home until the sun comes out to melt the ice a bit. I said a quick prayer asking God to let Don and Mari sleep in so I could get some work done. Today, I really needed to focus as best as I could. I knew any little thing could be a distraction. ADD was on high alert! I got in two solid hours before my hunger kicked in. I made breakfast for myself and Don and went to get him up. Mari still slept. I asked him, so do you think I can go in to work now? He looked at me quizzically, but just kept on reading. I mentioned the frozen door and how I couldn't open it. I could hear water dripping outside, so I thought, sure, it should be melted by now. Oh, I should mention that when I discovered the frozen car, I came inside, peeled off my layers of clothes and when I was stashing them away, I found a sneaky pair of trouser pants that were hiding in the back and I was oh-so-grateful they were there!

I went to change and put on my trouser pants and a different sweater. I said screw the shearling and tossed on my yellow ski jacket. I had on my Crocs and opened the door. Success!!! I started the car and put everything on full blast. I tied up some loose ends on the laptop, kissed Mari and headed out the door. When I made it to the car, I realized I was still wearing my bright red Crocs. I turned around and went back in to change shoes and grab my gym bag. To err on the safe side, I opted not to wear heels and put on my black shiny flats. I threw my bags in the front seat only to discover that the front windshield was a thin block of ice floating on melted water. My windshield wipers were frozen to the bottom, so I knocked the one on the drivers side loose, and much of the ice on the windshield began to shift slowly downward.

I stepped off the curb to walk to the passenger side and lost my footing. My right foot slipped to the left and my left foot followed suit from the curb, but it also flew back some. I felt myself about to land face first into a couple of inches of solid ice. I freaked out enough and jerked my body just right to land smack dab on my right backside. OUCHMUTHAF------! My right ring finger was the only part that was scraped, the rest of me fine, except that I had the air knocked out of me. I caught my breath and heaved out a loud moan. I took inventory of everything and cautiously stood up. There stood Don at our door, mouth agape, staring concerned. I shook my head and he asked, "Are you ok?" I looked at him and nodded. Embarrassed, I thought to myself, "I just freakin' fell. Are you kidding me?" But instead of having a pity party, I dusted myself off and acknowledged I was more embarrassed than anything. I laughed it off and recounted my story to him.

Then I remember, I used to fall A LOT! And those times hurt quite a bit more than this one. I thought two things when I was falling: 1. Don't fall on the left arm, b/c then you can't hold Mari and have your right arm free. 2. Don't land on your face. Actually, falling when I tried learning to snowboard hurt a helluva lot more than this one incident, so I figured, 'eh, I was ok.

I made it into work and one of the really cool things today was when I walked down to Starbucks to treat myself to a little happy. Initially, I was a little freaked out when I read the sign posted on the door cautioning us for falling ice. I figured, "just my luck to be nailed by a huge chunk of ice on the way to Starbucks." Lucky for me, it didn't happen. But I did catch a glimpse of a beautiful bride in the lobby of the Crescent hotel. It is a rare occurence to see a bride on a Wednesday on such a cold day! I felt special, but probably not nearly as special as she felt.

Anyway, I hope all of you aren't nearly as clumsy as I was today! Be safe and stay warm!

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