Hair Time!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The past week, I performed an experiment. I knew my hair wasn't doing so hot, but I wondered if anyone around me would notice. I prepared myself for the "oh, are you tired?" or the " look tired" kinda remarks, but nothing. Why would I think people would ask that? Well, not once this week did I brush my hair this week. I let my hair dry over night, would wake up with bed head and head off to work. Now granted, I typically wear my hair in a pony tail, but still, I was certain someone would notice the random curliness. Alas, no one. This morning I couldn't take it any longer, so I ran a flat iron through my bangs before pinning them back. Let me tell you, there wasn't much of an improvement. Desperate times called for desperate measures, so I put a call out to my stylist and she fit me in this evening.

Because it is the day before a holiday, work closed one hour early. The initial plan was to head on out to happy hour ahead of time then walk over to the salon. Well, we're a bunch of go-getters at work and quite frankly, I was lucky to have made it to the salon on time. Here I am sitting in the chair undergoing a transformation. I felt like a supermodel preparing my va-va-voomness. LOL! Actually, I was channeling my inner Eva Mendes since she was a feature article in this months Allure magazine. She's so awesome and a part of me wishes I knew her in real life because she'd be someone fun to chill with.She put in three kinds of colors and we agreed that we weren't going to sacrifice much length. Although, I have to say, I was totally prepared for a sassy bob. I like short hair. Heck, I like the cut, but I'm tempted to whack a way at it carelessly just because. Don't worry, I'll refrain, well, at least today. Here's the finished product. Sorry for the poor quality of the photo. You get the idea of the colors. Subtle and fun. (ha ha, I like how the peak of my hairline looks like a ginormous bald spot. LOL!)

Oh and you like that mark on my face under my left eye? No, I'm not trying to pay homage to Enrique Iglesias's old mole. Mari felt the need to take a small gash out of my face. It's was a love scratch. This after I'd trimmed her nails...oweee!

Anyway, this year, I'm also attempting (failing miserably) to focus on more beauty conscious choices. Like, um, maybe moisturizing?? Brushing my hair. Wearing a little bit of color on my lips. Occasionally doing my nails. Why? Because I think it is important for Mari to see those things. She already stares at me with great intensity when I go through my morning routine. She watches carefully as I put on my eyeliner and finish up with a spray of perfume. I remember watching mom do this and thinking, wow, she's dazzling. Here's step 1: hair. My stylist assured me that it was low maintenance and would look great curly. I'm going to hold her to that, because I'm embracing my curls. I love 'em and they are so much easier than running curlers through. Now dish, what are some of YOUR beauty tips? (and don't mention anything about adequate sleeping. I'm making do with my 6 hours!)


Kelly W. said...

I can't imagine going a week without brushing my hair!! When I went to Copenhagen, I experimented with not washing my hair for several days (I wash it every other day right now). Alot of the frizziness went away, but after the fourth night, I couldn't wait to wash it! I have naturally curly/frizzy hair, so I straighten my hair everyday. It takes a long time, but I do it! Part of my only getting 6 hours of sleep is from getting up early enough to fix my hair and makeup in the morning. I think setting aside an hour or two every other week or once a month to have a "beauty" day with Mari would be fun. The "beauty" day could include doing your fingernails and toenails (and hers too).

As far as moisturizing....I've been using Patricia Wexler products (we sell at Bath & Body Works) for over a year now. I love them! I also swear by Kiehl's Tea Tree Oil Toner. I've been using it for over a year, too. Before I started using it, I would get alot of blemishes on my chin, forehead, and sides of my face...since using it, I rarely ever get blemishes!

The Steinman Squad said...

LOVE the new hair color! And the style - is great. Very Eva Menendez, actually.

My only short cut secret on beauty is that when I flat iron my hair (say on Monday morning), I don't wash my hair on Tuesday. All I then have to do is touch up a couple of places in the flat ironing department and it looks great - actually, my hair usually looks better on the 2nd day and sometimes I can even go to a 3rd day without washing it.

Since I'm so pale, I typically don't skip on a whole lot of the make up, but have my entire routine down to about 10 minutes of application. My girls LOVE watching me and putting on my eye shadow and blush and powder. They are such girls. I love Kelly's suggestion about having a beauty day with Mari. Brooke & Briana have sat to get their fingernails and toenails painted since they were 9 months old. They beg to have me paint theirs. Right now, Brooke has alternating pink & red on her fingernails and Briana has all pink!

Jeev said...

WHOA!!!!! Nice work Binky!!!! Or should I say Binky's hairdresser.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's cute!

I have zero tips for you; I'm really low maintenance. But love the new hair!

The Potts Family said...


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