Happy MLK Day!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Today we had a full day planned and while we did little on the list, we did get lots of things accomplished. First of all, I had some wonderful quality time with Mari. Don gave her a bath and I soaked the cloth diapers before washing all of them. Then, we headed out to meet an old friend for lunch. Where did we go? Mooyah! Delish. We were having such a great conversation and the place was getting packed, so we headed on over to Starbucks for little bit of chit chat. I ordered a Berry Chai Infusion and Don had a Cafe Mocha. While it was a little too sweet for my tastes, it was ok. The conversation as the backdrop is what made it better.

Mari had a fantastic day of running around and being happy, which was a wonderful change. Even though she's suffering from a regular body rash and remnants of a diaper rash, she was back to that happy, inquisitive, exploring baby that we love.

After lunch, I headed on over to the nail salon and had a mani/pedi with wax, as well. In the spirit of Mari's Wizard of Oz themed party, I opted for Ruby Red Slippers by OPI. A shiny red polish with bits of glitter. Fun, fun, fun!!! I hurried home to meet Don and Mari so we could go to the doctor. Unfortunately, everyone wanted to see the doctor today, and Mari's pediatrician was out, so we'd scheduled an appointment with one of the nurse practioner's. Well, over an hour later (after our scheduled appointment), we made the decision to leave since it wasn't an emergency. After all, she only had a minor rash and we were surrounded by a sea of kiddos that were coughing and hacking up all sorts of things and I certainly didn't want her exposed to. Bleh! We left and weren't rude about it, just walked out and told them that we decided to cancel the appointment. Fortunately, our doctors nurse did call us to follow-up, so that was nice.

I came home to prepare dinner.

Grapefruit Cod with Sweet Potatoes, Sauteed Escarole and Mushroom Cranberry Couscous
This recipe is entirely too long to type out. If you want it, I'll make a copy of it and send the PDF. ha ha! It was delish and the cranberries added moisture to the whole wheat couscous. Who would've thought that grapfruit went so well with fish??
Estimated cost: $20 because we invited 3 friends over AND we have leftovers for 1.5 meals. :D

Who is going to watch the Inauguration tomorrow? (p.s. I had planned to do some volunteering today, but those plans fell through. Did any of you do any volunteer work today?)

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Jeev said...

Hey thank Simon for helping me with my Spanish version of MCAfee! :)

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