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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I took the train to work today.

I sleepily sat in the corner, watching the foliage pass by in a hunter green blur. My eyes hung heavy and all I could think of was my beautiful baby. My neck was stiff from the championship volleyball match on Monday. (we won!)

At the second stop, a lithe middle-aged man sauntered on. He wore designer Versace glasses and pointed square brown leather designer shoes. It struck me odd that he wore khaki vertically striped pants with such a flowy top. I continued listening to NPR as he settled in the seat in front of me. He opened a well-worn Bible, with many hand written inscriptions in the columns. He had a strange, yet warm energy about him and had I felt bolder, I would have struck conversation with him. Instead, I once again stared off into the distance, taking a mind break.
Only 10 more hours and I’ll be done with work.

Versace glasses dude struck up conversation with a younger African American gentleman who carried bicycle. They both exited at Central and went their separate ways. On came an older African American female, taking Versace glasses dude’s place. She carried her lunch in a small gift bag. She had these rotini-like curls framing her face, a comfortable flowing dress, and very little make-up. She was a natural beauty. She sat there, eyes staring forward for the next several stops. She didn’t make any movement until I got off at my stop. Even then, she just shifted her weight.

I was surprised by how many different kinds of people take the train. I actually like riding it. I can get my fill of people watching. I don’t like that I have to get up ridiculously early, so I can make it on time to work. I’ve shaved off my mile time to 12 minutes. Not too bad considering my normal walking pace is significantly slower than that. I was even more impressed by seeing the women wearing high, high heels on the train. There aren’t many places right off the stop and I can’t imagine walking that many block in 4 or 5 inch heels. Even more so, I wouldn’t want to risk ruining my heels by walking that much in them. I wear my sneakers and change when I get to work. So far, I’ve had several people ask me if I’m going to go work-out or if I’ve just come from working out. On the inside I’m chuckling, thinking, you don’t honestly think I go work out in trousers and a blouse?? I guess they don’t think of that, though.

My day typically starts when I used to go to sleep. IF Mari chooses to sleep through the night, I may get away with getting up at 5:45. Most times, I’m up at 5:30, stretching my body from a 3 hour nap that I had from when she first got up. (I’ll get a couple of nights where she’ll sleep for 6+ hours. Unfortunately, most of those are on the weekend! LOL) I’ll nurse her, then hand her off to Don. She’ll finish pooping and he’ll go change her. I’ll start my morning routine. Usually, around 6:20, I’m prepping to go. Packing my bag, making sure I have my heels in my bag, along with pumping materials and such. If Mari is awake, then I’ll play with her for a bit before it is time to go. Don will then drop me off at the station and I’ll patiently wait a few minutes for the train. I ride in and enjoy my walk from downtown to uptown. Once I cross Woodall Rogers, I phone my sister and we have a nice chat until I hit McKinney. I don't like to talk on the phone before crossing the bridge, since I feel like I'm in a very realy game of "frogger."

The city seems to just be waking up and it is so alive. I feed off that energy and my first hour at work is awesome. From there, though, it’s much tougher! If I don’t have some sort of caffeine, I will struggle. I’m not trying to have that, though. Instead, in the morning, I will have chamomile tea and then maybe a caffeinated beverage in the afternoon if I’m absolutely struggling. I do enjoy going down to the Starbucks for a friendly chat with the workers. I feel bad that I don't know their names, but man, they make a really good drink. So much better than the other Starbucks I go to. I don't know why, it's just really yummy!!

I chatted with another mother this morning. She has two. I asked her if you ever get over the tiredness. She said, “No, you just get used to it.” Before, she wasn’t a coffee drinker. Now she’s up to two cups a day. I talked with my dad about it. He told me, “Welcome to parenthood.” All around me, I have enormous support and it is plenty uplifting.

A couple of times during the day, I’ll take out my phone and stare at her. As if my digital picture frame weren’t enough, I also have her image all over my phone reminding me why I do what I do.

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