Happy Birthday Don & Jorge

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Saturday was going to be a low-key day, but it was actually quite full of activities.

We woke up, but not too early. Mari's birthday gift to Daddy was to sleep for 7 hours. WOOHOO! We lazied around for several hours, lounging in bed laughing and playing. It was 10 before we rolled out and started moving.

Mari and I went to Gloria's for lunch with Michael and it was good. Man, I love their Mojitos! Then we went to Wal-mart so I could pick up a cupcake cake for Don and some other baking essentials. I had planned on several people coming by that evening for cake, so I needed to be sure to have plenty.

When I got home, threw together a super cookie to take to the neighborhood picnic for the cake walk. I was about 15 minutes late getting it there, but they were happy just to have it. I didn't want to stay and my volunteer shift wasn't going to start for another 40 minutes, so I walked back home and took a super duper 3 minute power nap! Later, Mari and I walked back down the street to enjoy the neighborhood picnic. We had a blast meeting lots of new people in the area. Everyone was so happy and friendly. It'll be nice to wave at them when we are out on our walks. Don showed up after he finished tearing up the front yard!

Afterwards, we chilled out at home until Michael showed up. We did cake and then later went on over to Jorge and Hayley's for dinner. Jorge doesn't like traditional cake, so instead Hayley made him a birthday popcorn ball. You can see them in the picture. I thought that was such a wonderful idea!! (thanks Hayley for the AWESOME spaghetti pie!)

So now I'm stuck with like 15 cupcakes. I indulged in one, but the rest have got to go! Maybe I'll take them to our playoff volleyball game on Monday.

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