Taste of Addison

Saturday, May 10, 2008

We headed out to Addison to enjoy the sights and sounds. We opted to go a day earlier than planned since we knew we'd want a full day to recover in the event we decided to stay out late. Plus, we liked the line-up better and wanted to avoid the rush.

Surprisingly enough, this picture was the only time she slept (and that was only for like 15 minutes). The rest of the time she was wide awake, cooing and smiling at the masses. I love being able to enjoy the myriad of restuarants in Addison area. No other time can I fully embrace my random food cravings than I can at Taste of Addison. I was able to enjoy chicken nachos, chicken tikka masala, naan, fried calamari, a margarita, and a peach bellini. AND if I wanted, I could've had gelato and a slice of pizza too! Mmmm...good stuff. Also, in this picture I was at one of my favorite vendors: Vidriosa. I literally spent about an hour browsing through everything. She has so much more stuff than when I first browsed her booth three years ago. I bought a few things: a daisy for my mom, an Elvis ornament for my aunt, a sun for Mari, a nifty cell phone thing (but I don't have a place for it on my phone, so I put it on the camera), and a special gift for my sister from Mari.

Mari enjoyed her first concert: Switchfoot and Gavin Degraw. I've been wanting to see Switchfoot for a couple of years and it was worth the wait. They put on a pretty amazing show. While we were a ways away to protect Mari's ears from the sound, I did venture on up to look at the swag they were selling. That booth was right by the stage and I had to resist the strong urge to crowd surf! Man the mood was something electric and fierce! Such a great time. Definitely going to want to see the these guys again. Gavin Degraw has a good voice, but he seemed all over the board. He did a good job, but I just enjoyed the energy level of Switchfoot better! Mari just seemed to go with the flow the whole time, actually cooing and bouncing like she normally does.

Thanks to all the friends who went out to help celebrate Don's birthday!

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