12...Does that make it 3 months?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mari is 12 weeks old. In the usual routine, we sang happy birthday to her and snapped some pics of her. I still need to upload them. And did anyone else experience cravings afterwards. Lately, I've been wanting some spicy food. Random? That Indian food I had the other night was spectacular. It totally hit the spot.

Milestones for the week:

  1. She seems to have more hand control, so she's actually grabbing toys directly in front of her and holding on.

  2. She can put her paci back in her mouth if it falls near her chin or if she takes it out and keeps it in her hand near her face she can put it back.

  3. She really enjoys holding onto a blanket or her buddy while she's playing. She does this funny peek-a-boo without trying and it totally entertains her for a while.

  4. She dug her feet in the sand for the first time and she seemed to really enjoy it. Beach baby, maybe?

  5. This may have been a total fluke, but when I asked her if she was hungry, I didn't make the sign for it, but she did. She moved her hand to her mouth and made the sign. She didn't try to eat her fingers like she normally does when she moves hand to mouth. I'll see if she does it again!

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