Happy 5th Birthday Sugarbean

Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Darling, Beautiful Daughter,

You came into our lives like a force to be reckoned with 5 years ago. It was one of the most remarkable days of my life. That first year went by in a hurry! The second year is also quite a blur! The third year, I wanted to make special. It was your last year as a single human child, but you’ve not known it to be any differently. And year 4 was filled with so much love and at the end of the night quite a scare!

All day yesterday, you were running around telling everyone, “Today is my last day of being 4!” Your infectious grin permeated to the hearts of everyone, and the excitement all around you was building.

As with every year, you get a new outfit from your sibling. This was the first year it was only from your sister. You loved it anyway. When I remarked that you should pair your coral cardigan with it, you went in search of it. Your daddy walked in, noticing the tunic was sleeveless, said, “You will need a jacket.” Cardigan in hand, not meaning to come across as sassy, you held it up and said, “No Daddy, I’m to wear a cardigan, not a jacket. It is a dressier piece and needs this instead.” Clearly I’ve had influence. I was so proud.

In the morning, I awoke early to decorate your room. I let Daddy catch a few more minutes of needed sleep because your baby sister decided to get up 2 hours before the alarm and was inconsolable. She wanted nothing to do with me, only wanted to be near daddy. She actually slept through you waking up, which was ok, because it let us spend time with just you. I did let her see your room as we walked out the door and she said, “Woooow!” I nudged her saying that I would happily decorate her room too for her birthday if she decided to be a big girl and move back into her bed. I don’t think it worked.

And you…you caught me in the middle of taping streamers from your fan to your bed. That smile that erupted from your face, and the tiny giggles heard from under your blankets…melted my heart. You were so, so, so happy. You happily exclaimed, “Mommy, this is going to be the best birthday, EVER!!!!” I nodded and said, “I hope so!” To which you replied, “Oh, but it already is, Mommy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Sweet, sweet child. 

You were completely over the moon about the balloons and streamers. You had a pink heart-shaped donut with sprinkles for breakfast, but with several bites left said it was too much and your belly hurt.  Despite that, you said you still liked it. You also liked that I'd braided your hair special for the day!

I’ve requested from our friends near and far to perform an act of kindness to a stranger in your honor. I can’t tell you how overwhelmingly a good feeling I have in this moment because I can feel the goodness filling the world. You, my Sugarbean, bring so very, very much light to our lives. EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. I’m infinitely better because of you!

Happy birthday, MariJul!


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E said...

I'm late to the party, but I hope she had a wonderful birthday!!

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