Review: Wink a Threading Salon Uptown Dallas

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hello everyone!

Today we are gonna talk about beauty. We all have our daily/monthly/weekly regimens to keep ourselves looking like our best selves. About 8 years ago, I was introduced to threading to get rid of unwanted hair. Prior to that, I’d either plucked my eyebrows or waxed. The first time I tried it, I was hooked. No more hot waxes! No fear of getting burned (again! yikes!). No yanking on the skin and best of all, no more droopy brows from the pulls of the wax. (I must say that there are mixed feeling on the internet about this: whether waxing causes the drooping or sagging of the brow. I can only say that for me personally, I noticed a marked difference in the skin around my brow and it no longer having that “tired” look.)

I’ve been going to Wink Threading Salon in Uptown Dallas for about 3 years now. I love them! From their bright orange and white d├ęcor to the friendly faces when I walk in, I always feel like I’m in for a treat. These gals know their stuff, too! I always feel like I walked in looking like Wolverine and leave feeling like a princess! I discovered them when I was at Pinkberry enjoying some froyo and saw them as I drove off. The next day, I walked in and felt like a new person. Completely!

I decided I needed to share some of the awesomeness with all of you. Wink has locations in Uptown Dallas and in Ft. Worth. They are open 7 days a week and have flexible hours and affordable prices! They do not require an appointment. 80% of the time, I just walk right in and they take care of me. I can actually hit them up and be done in about the same amount of time it takes me to run by my bank to make a deposit. Super fast! Does it hurt? Less than waxing, yes. Also, it is only $12 (plus tip! Don’t forget to tip!) And it lasts 3-4 weeks. I typically go once a month.

To me, it feels like a massage on my left side. The right side of my face is more sensitive, my right eye even tears up. And every so often, I will sneeze too. No idea what is causing that. But it feels gentle. (If I wanted some cooling gel, they will apply it. I never get it. Nor do I have them use the tiny scissors to trim my eyebrow hairs. I prefer them the length they are.) Below, you can see that my right eye has been threaded (hence the watery eyes) and the left eye is a hot mess. See the difference?

I also like that you get to participate in the grooming. You typically have to hold your brow and lid using your hands, and positioning them in a way so the Threader can work. It’s quite simple, actually. I’ve taken friends to this place, both male and female, and all have really enjoyed it. “It didn’t hurt at all. Like I’ve done threading before and this didn’t hurt at all! It was awesome!” Anyway, here is my after:

I know I’m entirely super cheese in this picture. I’m ridiculously happy and so filled with love. This weekend we will be having the big 5 birthday for the Sugarbean! Leading up to it, I’ve had lots of quality time with my Beloved, thanks to my mother being in town to help us. It’s been a true blessing! Anyway, I want you to go check out Wink when you get a chance. They are fantastic! Tell them Hello Bianca sent you!

**Disclaimer: I was offered a complimentary eyebrow threading from Wink Uptown in exchange for an honest blog review. My thoughts and opinions are my own.**


Nicole said...

I love threading! My skin always gets SUPER dry and sometimes flaky from waxing. Hurts about the same though, and I get tears rolling down my face lol. I'm definitely overdue for a threading.

Jennifer @ Her Southern Charm said...

I just want to thank you so much for your sweet and uplifting comment on my blog.

Its hard to live in this Keep Up with the Joneses kind of world, especially as a sinner. Its very hard. But knowing that I'm not alone and have support from people like you will make the road that much easier.

It is appreciated. Thank you, friend. Have a blessed weekend!


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