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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Remember when I signed up for the half marathon? Well, I decided to get the training in gear for it. Last week, I found a training plan and put the number of miles I needed to run as an all day event in my calendar. So there, at the top of running days, the first thing I see is that number. All day long, I’m kept accountable until I log those miles. As par for the course, the first two miles for me are the roughest. It takes that long for me to get going and find my rhythm.

I’m steadily hitting that 5 mile stride again and in the next two weeks, I should be churning out 6 miles like a champ. This weekend, I do my longest training run at 10 miles. I need to allow myself to be guilt free for the time it takes me to run those miles. I’m so very lucky that my Beloved supports me and more often than not, greets my return with a large glass of water and a glass of wine as a chaser. Heck, that’s some serious motivation right there!

Yes, any run over 5 miles, I MUST ice my knees. I know since the last time I’ve done larger runs, I have leaned out some, but I also regularly wear 3+ inch heels 5 days out of 7. That and I am almost 5 years older. (eek) I also don’t do nearly the other activities I used to, like play volleyball or regularly attend classes at the gym. In spite of that, I am not only running, but I throw in a Jillian Michaels workout DVD to cross train. And on those occasions where the timing is right, I’ll get in a nice lifting workout with my hubby. He really pushes me to another threshold and well, let’s just say if my arms could talk today, they’d have a serious potty mouth case. Also, I swear by the hot tub. I hit it up at least once a week, twice is better. Warm showers are great. My inhaler is my BFF.

All that to say, keep going. I tell myself this constantly when I feel the hurt and the pain. I just have to push through and know that it’s worth it. It’ll be worth it. I’ll be able to run alongside my girls, dance with them, and be silly with them. I can encourage them to set their own physical goals to achieve better. Despite all of the genetic predispositions that I am faced with, I can still have a high quality of life and achieve things I probably shouldn’t achieve. I’m blessed to have a strong supportive network and I’m surrounded by many folks who inspire.
keep going.

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