Jalapeno Mascarpone Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I tweeted about discovering cooking with mascarpone cheese recently and my friend noticed it and sent me this recipe. Unfortunately, that evening, my beloved put the kibosh on eating jalapenos. He’s generally staying away from all things spicy until we get a full handle on what is going on with his stomach issues. I put it out of my head, deciding that I was still going to attempt to enjoy these. So during our weekly shopping trip, I added jalapenos to the cart, as well as medjool dates (slice ‘em in half, take out the seed, spoon in the mascarpone and you have some sweet deliciousness!). Guess what else was in the cart! Another tub of mascarpone cheese that Don had put in there without me asking. I guess he is completely aware of my love affair with this goodness!

I followed that recipe mostly. I used whole wheat extra grain bread. I used colby jack cheese that I’d shredded instead of cheddar. I only used 3 jalapenos, which allowed me to make 2 sandwiches. Plus, I don’t know what is going on with the suggestion of putting the jalapenos in the plastic bag. I don’t know if I was supposed to wait to put them in there, but my baggie started melting and then I nearly burned my fingers, so yeah, going back to loosening the skin/veins/seeds the old way.

This sandwich was soo unbelievably good! Yummy! Just enough heat for my tastes. Still very much a grilled cheese for my girls that they kept returning for bites. And I may or may not have slightly burned one side of the sandwich because I may or may not have been doing some of this instead:

Never miss an opportunity to dance, folks. Never, not ever! You should also try out that recipe. it is good stuff!


I’ve not done a hump day movie review in a long time. I won’t do an in-depth review here, but I will give you a bulleted list of movies I’ve recently watched and let you know whether or not you should invest the time in ‘em.

  • Hotel Transylvania – loved it!
  • Hatfields & McCoys – loved it!
  • 10 Years – Not so much
  • The Bourne Legacy – fell asleep, so not really sure, but I guess I didn’t love it
  • End of Watch – loved it…gut wrenching, but honest and good
  • Silver Linings Playbook – LOVED IT!!!


I’m doing my best to lift my melancholy. Today would’ve been the 13th birthday of my little Guapo. I’m sad about it, indeed, but I’m reflecting on what I do have and his spirit. So with that, go out and do something kind today! Hope you all have a jolly Wednesday!

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