Date Night: Watters Creek

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The first date night of the year found us just slightly north of our city at Watters Creek. That day, I awoke with an out of control funk. No sick, just the blahs. I think I was coming off the Holiday-ness. It’s normal for me. I get all of that awesome holiday excitement of seeing friends and family. You know, being showered with attention and gifts, even if sometimes it may drive you bananas because you get stressed from the hustle and bustle. Yeah, that sort of frazzled calm.


I sent my Beloved a note on facebook (knowing he’d get that notification while he was at the doctors office). It simply stated, “Get a sitter for tonight from 6-10PM. I’m kidnapping you.” A couple of hours later, he called letting me know he completed his task and wanted to know where he needed to meet me.



I’d not thought through the actual planning of the date, just scheduling! Just days before, I’d been in the Watters Creek area celebrating my BFFs birthday, so I figured, why not. It was a lovely backdrop to fuel great conversation. What I did not expect was the much cooler wind.

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