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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I was selected by House Party to host a Pull-ups party. Essentially, I was requested to throw a party (yeah, like I ever need an excuse) to talk about potty training (which we are totally in the middle of doing with the Sugarbaby), and hand out some awesome coupons to my friends who are in the same time frame as we are when it comes to potty training. There were many wonderful activities planned and House Party provided us with lots of helpful information to distribute to the partygoers.

But here’s the thing, my party blossomed into a new form because something else took priority. When I called up my friends individually to discuss potty training with them, most of them were unable to make the date. I did have one dear friend who had free time and still wanted to have a playdate, so that was a plan. Then, I received word from our other friend that her grandmother had passed. My heart ached for her. She doesn’t know how many of her seemingly small acts for me have uplifted me when I’ve needed them most. We’re talking, bringing me a home cooked meal when we were all crazy sick, inviting me and my girls over when my Beloved worked long hours, and giving me a make-up makeover to make me realize that my outside can be just as pretty as I feel on the inside. I hope all of you have a friend like that!

I’m blessed with many talents. One of the best is that I’m good at is being a much needed distraction at red alert moments. I can bring fun when there is no fun to be had. I guess I’m like the Cat in the Hat in that regard. Maybe that’s not such a good comparison. ha! Anyway, she and her family spent the day with me and my girls. We hit up the ginormous Asian market, went for a near 5-mile run, let the kiddos run around at the park, came home where we met up with my other friend and her daughter. We laughed and talked, and yes potty training was brought up. The tiniest of our littles are similar in ages. Miss A is 5 days older than the Sugarbaby and R is 3 months younger. They all get along famously.

In the middle of the playdate, I had to run over for a quick photo session for my girls. (this is a teaser of the images for Valentine’s day)

When I returned, the party evolved to a dinner party! Everyone had snuck off to retrieve different parts of the meal. Within an hour we were gathered around the table feasting on tacos. Later, we piled around the couch and on the living room floor, toasting memories of her grandmother, watching movies, and just being the distraction we needed to be. When my friend wanted to cry or reminisce, we let her. When she needed us to make jokes or just laugh, we did that. Our kids happily played and we all shared quality time together. And when they’d run out of diapers, it was fortunate that we had the sample Pull-Ups from the party pack for them to use. How fortuitous!

I had a few remaining party packs, which I happily shared with the parents from my gal’s school, whose kiddos would benefit from the coupons and samples. I was too busy being in the moment that I didn’t snap one single photo of all of us hanging out. Heck, I even lost my phone for about half an hour, which is HIGHLY unusual for me. It was a good day (and weekend!) to make memories!

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E said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. I'm glad you were able to distract your friend!

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