Sugarbaby - 5 Weeks

Monday, May 9, 2011

Miss Tesla, it's been 5 weeks and I can't believe how much you've changed!
You are doing such a great job of keeping your head up. Not only that, but you like to "crawl" up and down Mommy when we hold you. Every day, I give you tummy time and you don't hardly fuss. I think you actually like it. Your latest trick is to push up on your arms and hold your pose for a couple of seconds before you release.

Also, you've been cooing and squeaking up a storm. You also do this thing that your Daddy calls gronking, which is a combination of growling/grunting and honking. That's your favorite way to communicate to us actually. Every so often, you actually treat us with a smile, which totally melts our heart.

You are so very inquisitive, really trying to stay awake for an hour or a couple of hours at a time just taking it all in. Those BEAUTIFUL eyes of yours are always searching and exploring.

By the way, your sister, the Sugarbean, has been amazing! She loves you so, even proclaiming you to be her best friend. She's still as precocious and spirited as ever, but when it comes to you, you are the center of her world and she seems to captivate your attention just as much. While you and I were napping last week, your sister took her brown crayon and colored her walls with all sorts of circles. She also poured most of the guest shampoo down the drain, but not before spilling some on the carpet to emulate the steam cleaning we'd done on the carpets to prepare for your arrival. And with every escapade she says she's sorry and I just know she's exploring and being a 3 year old...preparing us for when you will walk her path and come up with your very own set of antics. And all will be forgiven with the burst of a belly laugh or a megawatt smile.
Oh, and slow down! You are starting to roll over already! You've managed to go from back to front, very nearly figuring out how to pull your arm out from under you. It's incredible how much strength you have! And how you've grown too! You are just over 22 inches and now weigh 11 pounds! Grow baby grow!

We love you so very much and you've brought such joy to our lives!

Mother's Day 2011

Day before Daddy's Birthday 2011

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Kristine - A Graceful Home said...

She's so sweet! So happy for you and Don! Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

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