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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Six days after Tesla's arrival, I started the day with the Seton Soles 5K.
I "ran" most of it, but before you all go thinking I'm some sort of freak, my running speed isn't that fast. Plus, it felt GREAT to get out and hit the pavement again. (shortly thereafter, I took a COMPLETE working out hiatus for 3 weeks) It was a wonderful run, benefiting an incredible cause and we look forward to doing it again next year. Mari doesn't look happy in this photo because she just scraped up her knee on the bounce house.

After a great breakfast, we all took an incredible nap and washed up for Andrew's confirmation. I was so honored that he chose me to be his Sponsor, because this also meant that I would be acting like a Godparent to him as well. I take that role very seriously! For the second time in less than a year, I would be up on the church altar, supporting a friend as they celebrate another sacrament receiving the Holy Spirit, becoming adult members of the Catholic community.
Some bits that came out from this day:

  • While we were lining up, I leaned over to him and said, man, this would've been great if they would have had a rehearsal. Without trying to sound rude, he casually told me that there was a rehearsal, but I was in labor when it happened and he didn't think I would've been able to make it.
  • During the ceremony, I could hear Tesla's cries over the priest. I kept glancing back, since we were seated in the front row and Don and the girls were in the very back. He handled it like an old pro. All of the women around him were gushing over his attentiveness as a father (not to mention how handsome he was!).
  • I spent 45 minutes trying on dresses to wear. I'd found clothes for Don and girls, but had forgotten about me! Six days after giving birth and I didn't fit into my maternity clothes or pre-pregnancy clothes. I settled on a pre-Tesla dress that was VERY forgiving (despite my ample bosom) and covered up with black cardigan. I was very happy that I figured out a way to make it all work.
  • I gave Andrew a Teen Bible, thinking he would probably relate to it better than a traditional Bible. Before I wrapped it, I found myself reading from it and was captivated by the way the Word was presented! I'm definitely keeping this in mind for my future duties as a Godparent.
  • My friend Xochitl makes the best celebration food ever!

Congratulations Andrew! Thank you for letting me be a part of your day!

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Goosegirl said...

You are pretty amazing Bianca! Ok, 6 days post birth and you ran??? You are truly my hero! And you godson is a handsome boy to be sure. I hope he loves his new Bible and that it becomes a very important part of his life. You are a good godmama!

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