Pink Glitter Baths - A Lush Review

Sunday, May 1, 2011

One Candy Fluff Egg and half of of a Dragon's Egg and you get one very excited and grateful toddler.

The other day, I indulged in half of a Dragon's Egg Lush bath. Half because the Sugarbean was supposed to join me in the bath, but because I like my baths hot, she normally joins me mid-way through. Unfortunately, while she was waiting for the water to cool, she turned on the I'm-three-and-I-don't-always-listen switch, so she wasn't able to join me. This was prior to my visit to Lush, so I saved half of the remaining bath bomb for her to have later. Truth be told, I knew she would go nuts over the surprise golden glitter that is housed in the middle of that bath bomb.

Fast forward a few days and to show my gratitude for how amazingly helpful she's been with the Sugarbaby, I bestowed upon her a limited edition Candy Fluff Egg. She was ecstatic! (So much so that she woke up early the next day demanding a bath. Well, we take our baths in the evening, so that was delayed.) She took great care walking it to the bathroom and gently placed it in a prominent position above the bath to remind her of the goodness to come.

Initially, I'd broken it in half and let it melt in the tub. I introduced the golden glitter and BAM! The light pink met the golden glitter and erupted into this orange sherbet delight. She was giddy and politely asked for more pink. I let her know that once we used it, it was over, but she wanted it. Since it was hers, I handed it to her and she held on to the pink fizzy goodness in her small hand. She was in heaven! It was so neat to see the sparkles in the water and it took me back to when I was a small girl and how much I enjoyed bath time.

I'm glad it brought an insane happiness over her body and it also made me happy with how soft and moisturized her skin was. We both suffer from eczema, and Lush products allow us to enjoy baths without the harsh effects from most other bath products. Additionally, her hair, while not immediately conditioned, began to shine and soften after I added a bit of their Retread. Lush products definitely play nice with other Lush products.

Do you all make your own bath bombs or do anything special for bathtime routines?

**I was not compensated for this review. I did get a tiny foot lotion sample during my purchase, but receiving that sample didn't not skew my opinion on their other products. This review is my own opinion. I am, however, open to reviewing products. Contact me if you have something you would like me to review.**

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