6th Anniversary...a low-key affair

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I welcomed the day from the very beginning because Tesla needed to feed. She does this up and down feeding thing from 11PM - 1AM. In her "down" time, I reached for our journal (the same journal we exchanged on our wedding day and have been filling with our words for each anniversary, summarizing the year). I wrote my thoughts, not necessarily lucid, but aware of them, and grateful for having shared another year with my man. He's such an incredible blessing to me and I'm eternally grateful for all he does.

And when I crawled into bed just after 1, I glanced over at him and our newest daughter and I gave thanks to God. At 6AM, my sister walked in to the house for me to take her to the Sam's Club MS Bike 150 ride. She was going to ride over 150+  miles to raise awareness for MS, the least I could do was get up a bit early to give her a ride to the start.

I got home by 7:30, and took an hour plus power nap. I washed up to head over to my Singer orientation. Originally, I told Don that it was from 10-2. I honestly thought it was a 4 hour orientation. Turns out, it was just an hour. I headed home and contemplated staying out a tiny bit longer to indulge in a pedicure, but went home since my body was telling me it was time to feed the baby.

After she fed, I suggested we go out. We hit the road, and found ourselves in the Bishop Arts District at Oddfellows. I've been wanting to write a review on them for over a month since I first tried them with my girlfriend. I won't do that now, but I will share some photos that we took. Mmmm...beignets! Not as great as Cafe du Monde in New Orleans, but it would do!
They were PACKED! We very nearly didn't get a seat, but lucky for us, we were seated in the corner next to two very amazing and friendly women. One of them was kind enough to snap a family photo of us.

Then, we took a short walk over to Dude, Sweet Chocolate. You can read about my write-up on them from this post. I was happy that Don was with me this time around. Mari enjoyed the samples. We really enjoyed the Popeye & Olive popcorn. We also purchased a bottle of their Break-up Potion because we both agreed the bourbon was smooth and delicious. I'm not really sure how we'll enjoy it, but 'eh, I'm sure we'll come up with something.

We slowly walked back to the car and headed further south to visit with friends and our Great Aunt. Then, just as the storms rolled in, we headed back home. On our way, we received a call from my sister. They were evacuating them from their camp site of the race because of the poor storms. We made a quick pit stop at home to feed the baby and gather some supplies like fresh diapers. We then headed to my sister's place to drop off her car. When we got there, we were greeted by some delicious spaghetti that she'd made for us! She'd biked 79 miles that day and managed to make us a very special dinner. We sat around her television watching Big Bang Theory that she had recorded and eating our dinner. It was fabulous!

As we drove home, I held Don's hand and was ever so grateful for all of the blessings I've been given. Thank you, Lord!

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