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Saturday, May 28, 2011

I know this post is long overdue, sorry! Anyway, I wanted to start off by saying thanks to all of my friends and family who were able to attend the party. It was a huge success (well, to me anyway) and I felt confident that everyone left having learned something new about sewing. A few even left feeling more comfortable in their own abilities and stated that they were going to attempt more projects on their own.
Before the party, I held a Skype session, had a one-on-one session, and recorded a few YouTube videos too. Here is the first one:
Singer Sew Easy House Party Swag
On Mother’s Day, 9 lovely ladies came to my house and crammed in my dining room to sew. I suggested that they bring their own machines if they wanted to, but I would be featuring the new Singer Confidence Stylist. Here’s another YouTube video I recorded talking about the Machine.
Singer Confidence Stylist Machine
The main project was to upcycle or repurpose an old favorite t-shirt into a regular tote bag. First of all, I have to say that I snapped photos of the entire process and you know…I committed photographer sin by not verifying that I had a memory card in the camera! Thank goodness my husband was there for a bit to snap some photos. I will post a separate blog how to do the project, but for now we’ll just focus on the party. ha ha!
I served light refreshments, including Orangina, Figi water, Izze, and Mexican Coke as the drinks and some taquitos and thumbprint cookies for us to munch on for added sugar rush. Additionally, we had red wine and prosecco in case someone need some liquid courage to be crafty! ha ha!
As the party host, I received the opportunity to purchase the machine for 20% off the listed price. Regular retail price is $499. Jo-Ann had it on sale for $299, so 20% off of that put it at $265 including tax. PLUS, I also got a nifty black travel bag to put the sewing machine in!! I’m a sucker for a deal. While I did not purchase the machine for myself, my mother-in-law took advantage of the opportunity! Lucky for me, I get to enjoy it for the rest of the summer until it goes home with her at the end of her stay!


  • I really liked all of the party swag from this House Party. Most of the coupons were great.
  • The included project was ok and easy to follow.
  • The patterns from Simplicity were awesome and I can’t wait to try making a skirt!
  • I loved the included thread from Singer!
  • The Burdastyle measuring cards sure come in handy when shopping for patterns for the girls.


  • The 50% off of Martha Stewart crafts coupons were not so great because it had to be used towards items that weren’t on sale. Every time I’ve gone, all Martha Stewart craft items have been 20-40% off, so I can’t use it.
  • The included fabric for the roll-up project was not so great. I know it is hard to please everyone, but these just weren’t colors I would have chosen.
  • The extra advertisements for the ironing accessories were unnecessary.
  • The bajillion flyers for summer programs were also overkill, in my opinion.
  • I did not like having so much extra wasted paper. I just tossed it in the recycle bin.
  • The sparkly Martha Stewart decoration looked beautiful in the photo. When I opened it, there was glitter EVERYWHERE!! Talk about a mess. I’m still finding glitter and that’s because I didn’t even consider hanging it. awful!
As far as the machine goes, though! I love it. If I hadn't purchased a machine a year ago, I totally could see myself owning this one. 

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