Polished: A Review on the Salon and Axxium Nails

Saturday, July 3, 2010

In preparation of the big wedding, I went on Monday to Polished to get a french manicure with Axxium gel. I knew I was going to be paying a premium for this service, but I wanted something that would last at least 4 days and a regular french polished manicure has never lasted that long for me. The only thing that has lasted are those fake acrylic nails, and frankly, I didn't want to have to deal with all of that. Based on Charmed Valerie's recommendation for them last year, I decided this was the occasion to spring for them.

My MIL accompanied me to the salon. It was raining outside and when we walked it, the gal greeting us and checking us in was very friendly and inviting. We didn't smell the familiar nail salon smell. The walls were covered with pink and it was a large open room with many spa pedicure chairs along the curved wall. There were large televisions around. We checked in and paid up front to not mess up our nails. We were prompted to go ahead and include gratuity, but I was hesitant because I was unsure how well my "estitista" would perform. I hastily wrote down a number, telling myself that I would tip more if I felt it warranted more.

This is the result of that visit:

For $61 plus tip, I received a Sparkling Mani ($25), Axxium Nails ($30), with a french finish ($6). The manicure was completely unappealing. My nails were soaked in tepid water for a few minutes and the gal cut away my cuticles. She filed them a little more than I wanted, but the shape was nice. Then she immediately began to apply the axxium gels. It is a combination of a white with a pink. She applied 3 coats, and in between each coat I had to set my hands under the lamp to allow them to "set." Meanwhile, my MIL received her manicure and had to wait for my estitista to finish up with me since she was the only one who could apply the axxium gel. I was wet from the rain and the a/c inside was on full blast so I was a bit cold. We were sent to a private room in the back solely devoted to manicures. The television was off, and they turned it on after I requested they do so. The technicians spoke English, but it was still very broken. They were friendly, but I felt bad because it wasn't like we were able to have a conversation. At my regular nail spa Nails! Nails!, they do speak EXTREMELY broken English, but they do their very best to talk to me and get to know me. I've been going to them now for 6 years, so they have gotten to know me quite well. That was just an aside. Anyway, the television and talking with my MIL filled the silence. They worked away and on my 2nd coat, I noticed a nic in my middle finger. She just smoothed it out and dismissed it. She added the 3rd layer and a top coat and that was it. I had about a 2 second massage. Ok, ok, it was more like 2 minutes, but still. Not a very long one at all. My MIL had a significantly longer massage with her mani and honestly I was a bit jealous. Her estitista was a man with strong hands and he definitely seemed to work out some of those knots that linger in the forearms. It was still raining when we walked out of there.

By Thursday, I'd already lost 3 nails! Lost meaning the gel peeled off from the tip down to the center of the nail. Sure enough, the first one was the middle finger that had the small nic on it. By Friday, wedding day, I'd lost another two. The next morning when I got up, I'd lost all but one nail. I was told it would last as much as three weeks. I figured for me, it may be just under 2 weeks because I'm a skeptic when it comes to all things manicure related. But not even a week!!! Over $60 spent for nothing! Grrrr...I was extremely mad. Now I must say, when I called to complain, the lady working the desk told me to come back in and they would gladly fix it or redo, but I just needed to come in. They were very friendly about it and I hope to go in and take them up on that offer. Customer service is top notch for Polished, but I am definitely not going to pay extra for the axxium nails. Lucky for me, my BFF has a steady hand and she did a regular french polish on my hands the night before. I should've just had her do it all along.

And as far as my other salon, Nails! Nails!, they were amazing. We went in to get a Baby's Butt pedicure and right at an hour later, I had my french pedi with a touch of sparkle. Since Mari was with me, they even clipped her nails and painted them a baby pink color with some sparkles. She was in heaven! I don't even think they charged me for her. LOVE THEM!!! I spent less than what I spent on the mani for longer & luxurious service and the amount I spent included the tip!Yes, they are busy on the weekends, but call to make an appointment or go during the week. Ask for Kevin, Tammy, Queen, or Mike, they are all extremely talented and very detailed. Plus, my polish hasn't chipped or faded. I have no idea why I didn't use them for my mani. Kicking myself for that one.

And to complete this post, here's a bit of Mari cuteness for you. Don was gifted a brand new grill for his birthday and here is Mari playing in one of the boxes it came in. I hide. I hide. tee hee hee hee WHERE'S MARI? Ta-da!

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Valerie said...

Urgh :(

I updated my original blog post after my second experience (where my nails cracked and they replaced them and then they cracked again). I wish every experience was like my first one but it seems more common that they kinda suck.

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