At Sonic Somewhere between Belton and Temple

Monday, July 19, 2010

He's on the other side of the country traveling with his partner, exploring all sorts of beautiful shades of green. I'm traveling with my beloved, the sugarbean, and Guapo. The two small ones in the back quietly slumbering as a gentle downpour cascaded down while a bright sun in the distance set. I'm caught somewhere between sleep and awake, attempting to fight the sleep by revisiting memories from my childhood summers and recanting them to my beloved. I don't know if he's genuinely interested in hearing my story or if he's humoring me. Either way, I don't care. My my tummy starts to grumble and he throws out, "Sonic?" To which I responded, "Sure, but aren't we near Waco?" He shrugged it off. The look on his face told me plenty. He was hungry and the sunflower seeds and pistachios weren't cutting it.

We whipped off the road and did funky u-turn under the highway to get to the Pay-less gas station. I hopped out of the car to head to Sonic. Before I took off, I grabbed my phone. I was grateful that the rain had stopped. There was a bit of mud to jump over and some puddles to dodge before I got there. I flipped open my phone and saw a missed call. I immediately called back and got his voicemail. I left a long winded message about nothing really. I missed him. And these adventures he goes on, well, I eagerly await phone calls and voicemails because he certainly has amazing tales to tell. I placed the Sonic order and rested comfily on their picnic table while I dialed my voicemail. Sure enough, his message didn't disappoint. He's in a place where the top place of interest listed is the local hospital! The motel sounded like a place out of a cheap horror movie, but the food, oh the food sounded glorious. I was having a full on belly laugh, while I stared out into the distance. I hit 9 to save the message, and stared off in the direction of the gas station, about 20 yards away. The sky, a gray blue hue to the right, and a brilliant orange purple to the left filled with light gray puffy clouds ready to explode. In that moment I knew I was blessed. In that moment, I paused and gave thanks.

I can't wait to hear more adventures and make some of my own.

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