Morton Salt

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hello fabulous readers! I'm trying something different. I had whopping success*  from my Savvy Widget (bottom right widget, what you didn't know it was there?), that I reached out to see if I could get a couple of more advertisers on my little blog. Well, I have been accepted to host a Morton Salt widget. Yeah, you all know the salt, the dark blue with the gal holding the umbrella. Well did you know they had all sorts of other types of salt? You didn't? Well, click the coupon widget or this Season-All link and print off the coupon for $.55 off any season salt. It will ask you to enter a valid email address and confirm using the captcha (duh, not like random people can go out and click print at will just because).

Anyway, if do you get the coupon and you make something with your seasoned salt I'd love it if you blogged about it and posted your recipe/experience, etc...AAAAND, if I have more than 3 people participate, I just might have a giveaway, ok, ok, you twisted my arm, I will have a giveaway! This promotion will run from August 1-31, so go out, have some fun, enjoy the salt!

In what ways do you use seasoned salt? Do you have a favorite brand? What does Morton Salt mean to you?

*a whole $1.83 for 90 days with Savvy Source! YES!..and that isn't sarcasm, that genuine excitement and gratitude for those of you who come to my blog. I hope to break that record, but it's gonna be tough since I only have 17 followers and some of you 17 have 2 accounts that are following me (thanks friends!) C'mon, we can do it!

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