Black Forest Sundae

Monday, August 2, 2010

I had such a craving for some cake that I thought I was going crazy. No really, it was so bad that I knew I was going to get a tiny bump on my tongue if I didn't satisfy the need. I casually went to our pantry and kitchen a few times thinking, hmmm...what could I make work? Because honestly, my waistline does NOT NEED cake. Those of you who read this know that it's hot here. No, it's like the outskirts-of-hell-don't-touch-me-because-I'll-burn-up-as-fast-as-Godric-at-dawn-on-TrueBlood hot. I haven't gone running. I actually launched my cardio trainer when we parked .06 miles from Primo's place just so I could make myself feel better about the gluttony over the weekend.

Anyway, there I sat sulking and planning. Calculating the remaining time I had before having to put Mari down for bed and watching the next episode of Mad Men. The sugarbean had been running around all afternoon changing into various dress up frocks, finally settling on her pink Glinda-inspired costume. It's hard work being a princess, I tell ya. We all set off towards the mecca that is Braum's. It was packed, and I wasn't surprised at all. Even though it was 8:45 at night, the sun was barely settling and it was still a hot, 101 outside. Or at least that's what our car's temp stated. Eeesh! I ordered the Black Forest Sundae and felt entirely guilty when no one else ordered anything. Immediately, I tore into it and devoured half of it before getting home, only sharing one spoonful with Don. I put it down to snap a photo and help with putting Mari down to sleep. We brushed teeth, put on her jammies and fought sleep for the next hour and a half. Ugh!

I was a pig and didn't share any of the rest of it with anyone. :0(  But Don's the best and told me that he was trying to be better about what he ate. I still felt guilty about putting that in my body, but not so bad for not sharing. What is your indulgence?

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