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Monday, October 12, 2009

We headed up North to West Texas for Texas Tech homecoming. I haven't been back "home" in ages. I was trying to think about the last time I was there and I just couldn't remember. How sad that was for me. But then, when I was driving around Tech, I remembered the last time was when I was up there for a wedding. I was happy again, but sad because that was a solo trip, that Don was unable to attend. Again, back to not remembering the last time I was there with my whole family.

In any case, here we were after 6 hours on the road. Mari had only slept the first half of the trip. The last three hours were spent watching The Wizard of Oz and Monsters Inc. She's much older now, from the last time we'd road tripped like this. Uncertain how she'd be, I prayed and prayed she'd be happy for the trip. The last half hour she was restless, but when we made it in, she was over-the-top excited to see her Nana and Grandfather! Don and I went out to meet up with the 806 kiddos at the new O Bar. We all ordered our drinks and by the time we paid the bill, I was surprised that I was charged fifty cents for adding cranberry to my Goose. Oh well, the drinks were still relatively inexpensive and we were happy to be out and about with free babysitting. (Thanks Mom & Dad!)

We got home around 3 and passed out immediately. I was up and at 'em at 7:45 to go to a Homecoming breakfast. Since Mari didn't go to sleep until 2, I left her at home with Don so they could get in a few extra hours of shut eye. When I got home, we did a quick change and headed up to the Tech Rec. Center to get in a quick workout. I was having issues breathing while running, but just chalked it up to the change in climate. We then headed on over to Red Raider Outiftters to get some gear.

After I was home, I crashed for a couple hour nap. When I was up, we dressed quickly and headed on over to the game. It was COLD!!! BRRRRRRRR...I layered Mari with 3 tops, some leggings, socks, and jeans. We put on her new wool coat and I draped my scarf around her.

In hind sight, I should've worn a long sleeved shirt and my tights, in addition to everything else I had on. Oh well, jumping and clapping kept me warm enough. I LOVE the opening festivies of the game. The band, the crowd, the cheers, Saddle Tramp bell circle, the flags, the masked rider, Raider Red, everything makes me happy!
We won the game 66-14. We left at the half because we were frozen. At that point, Mari had taken a good nap at the game and I think the kids ear protection muffs we bought were helpful. Mom & Dad met us at the house and we dropped off the little one. We went to Melt and had a date. The food was good, the atmosphere nice, but because it was a restaurant/bar, they allowed smoking. By the time we headed out and about afterwards, I was healthily hacking up all sorts of awesomeness. My throat was sore and my body was achy.

The next day, we headed back and again, I didn't feel 100%. On the road trip back, Mari only slept 1 hour. The last hour of the trip, she was f-i-n-i-s-h-e-d! It was tough for all of us, but we made do as best we could. By the night, I felt like I'd been out drinking all night for three nights in a row. Unfortunately, I hadn't, but this sickness, while awful, was well worth it for being able to spend time with good friends and family.

This morning I awoke and felt like death. I could barely talk, my throat, raspy, and my entire body felt like it had been the day after running a marathon. After a visit to CareNow (which ROCKS by the way!), I had my diagnosis. Severe asthmatic respiratory infection/asthmatic bronchitis. I left with my prescriptions in hand, happy that I would be feeling better and that I wasn't contagious. Unfortunately, I had been swabbed in my nose to test for flu. Yes, that was miserable. She shoved this long q-tip into my nose and rubbed the back of my eyeballs. I teared up more than a little bit and it made me violently cough even after she'd left the room. I just wanted to curl up into a tiny ball and rub my poor nose. Awful.

Anyway, like I said, it was a great weekend and I'll be spending tomorrow resting and getting better. Hopefully my creative energy will return. The homemade chicken noodle soup was pretty good and should be even better tomorrow...along with the Ding Dongs, marshmallows, and strawberry cake. Regardless, the Codeine will make it all better. :)

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