HDMR: Away We Go

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Away We Go is a fresh perspective on life when life throws you some curveballs and along the way you learn how to cope. They showcase very specific stereotypes in this film, almost caricatures of them, in living color. The thing I liked the best is that the film simultaneously made you want to both laugh and cry. Life is not perfect, and no one has a perfect life. But, if you're lucky, then you are blessed with someone who will hold your hand along the way, forgiving all of your imperfections and celebrating your blessings...together. Thumbs up, but be sure to have some Kleenex too!

Oh, and funny story, the first birthday after we were married, four years ago, Don gifted me with a simple sterling silver circle on a black silk cord. It was a classic jewelry piece and I was further impressed that he bought it at a bonafide jewelry store! Sometime in 2007, I lost it! I felt guilty. Overwhelming guilt because it was my favorite piece of jewelry. Nearly a year went by and I went back in the jewelry store and they still had, but only 1 left! I bought it and when Don came home, I fessed up and told him of my carelessness. Well, when we were watching the film, in between the cushions of the couch, he found it! And then I remembered. Fuzzy mommy brain had REALLY stored this memory away. But I remember when I was pregnant with Mari, I had swelled so much one day, that at the end of the day, I went to lay down for a nap, and took off the necklace because I felt like it was choking me. I remember clutching it in my hand, but then it must've slipped out while I slumbered and it patiently remained there for two years. I do so love finding lost items.

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