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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Well, if that isn't alliteration for ya....

on Tuesday I loaded myself up with meds and decided that it was night we'd make our annual trek on over to the State Fair of Texas. I wasn't going to let a little bit of sickness get me down. Actually, I wasn't too sick, just had some breathing issues. Somehow in the past six months, I've managed to develop something that triggers asthmatic bronchitis and severe upper respiratory infections. Boo on that! Had I been using an inhaler, I would've fared a lot better, but I hadn't, so there I was on steroids (again!), a z-pak, an inhaler, AND some super-duper special cough syrup. I was sufficiently loopy, and after dressing Mari, we were ready to hit up the veritable smorgasbord. (Charlotte's Web reference for those of you playing along)

Instead of taking the train, like the original plan, we opted to drive. It had been raining/misting all day...who am I kidding? It's been that way for a good long while, I swore I was living in Forks (Twilight reference for the rest of you)! We braved the coughs, the wet, and a possible crowd to go in search of the fried food mecca. Ahhh yes!

Oh Fletcher's corny I have missed thee! Fried banana pudding, I can't believe it has been a year! Texas Tornado Taters, really, how could you have stayed away so long? Root Beer and Dole soft serve ice cream, you do a body good. And the newbie, fried butter, you weren't what I'd hoped you be. Such a disappointment, but still worth eating to say I'd done so. Next year, I'm going to stick to my guns and have that fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich! *sigh*

Anyway, the highlight of our adventure was hands down the petting zoo. All of the competition animals had long since been asleep, so we missed out on that fun. However, in the petting zoo, the babies were all sorts of awake and active, very similar to my own active toddler. She had no fear to get up close and personal with all of the animals, even venturing to feed the goats. I was brave and pet a baby goat. It was so precious and I wanted one of my own! That was the first time I'd pet one. I'm a bit skittish when it comes to petting furry animals because I never know if I'm allergic to them. In any case, I was off in my own photographic wonderland, on a shooting safari doing my best to capture these critters (kicking myself for not having brought Speedy Silver Canon, but little Red did just fine), when in the middle of trying to get the llamas hanging out (Tina...come get your dinner! Napoleon Dynamite for those are still playing right?) I was ATTACKED BY AN OSTRICH. Yes folks, I knew this was inevitable. I've been stepped on by a pony, chased by a baby calf, nearly licked to death by a mini dachshund, and now I've been pecked by a wiry ostrich. Seriously, it came out of nowhere and kinda hurt. I was grateful I had on 3 layers of clothing. Funny and yet embarrassing, hopefully a mistake I won't repeat. Also, I caught these tiny piglets clamoring over one another for feeding time. This shot cracked me up and I love their tiny bums all crowded together like that. Makes me truly appreciate sibling rivalry.
I also got to do one my my most FAVORITE things at the fair. I RODE THE SLIDE!!! For 5 tickets (roughly $2.50) I conquered my fear of heights, climbed the stairs to the top, and hurled myself down the bumps atop that burlap sack. LOVESIT!! Unfortunately, Mari is still 2 inches too short for the ride. I was ready to sneak her on, fully aware that the carneys would have no problem taking my money, when Don reminded me that they had size restrictions for a reason. So next year, it's on bay-bee! In the meantime, here's a shot of Primo and I hurtling down and laughing all the way (Jingle Bells? Ok, ok, I know you've given up playing). See my face? My cheeks hurt I'm smiling so much! My sides are sore from laughing. My lungs were screaming bloody murder because I'd forgotten the inhaler and that much laughing did a number on me. Glad I'd peed just before, otherwise I would've had an accident. (Again appreciative of my "confidence" muscles.)

Mari also had her first experience on the Midway. She played this duck game where you pick a duck from the pool, and based on the initial at the bottom is the prize you'll get. She was very selective. So much so that she skipped the first pool of ducks all together and went to the next pool. Don attempted to motivate her with several other ducks, but she waved him off. She finally selected one and picked a Large! We let her pick out her prize, and so we walked off with a large teddy bear. So glad she didn't get the XL!

After our bellies were sufficiently full, and we'd seen the sights, it was time to go home. After all, I needed to take my shot of cough syrup with codeine and prepare for work the next day. If you are in the DFW area I sincerely hope you make it on over to the fair. Especially those of you who have lived here most of your life and have never been. it is well worth the trip!

Just maybe not this upcoming Saturday when it is OU/Texas. Then that'll just be madness, like going to Wal-mart in the middle of the day on a Saturday before Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

The piglet pictures is amazing. THEIR LITTLE BUMS!!

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