Product Review: Cuisinart Mini Food Processor

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

And for a completely random post, I figured I'd write a review on a small appliance just for grins. We bought this last year after I was frustrated with making Mari's food in the blender. Don't get me wrong, the blender was amazing, despite being as old as I was, but scraping the food out was a pain. I wanted something that was more compact and open, allowing for easy access so I could fill her storage cubes. Along the way, I'd also purchased the Pampered Chef Mix & Chop with the hopes that I could simultaneously cook and mash, but this didn't prove effective at all. I'd even bought their Food Chopper thinking I could just shove in the carrots, asparagus, and chicken, but again, not as clean as I wanted it to be.

Sidenote: The mix & chop is used when Primo makes his amazing mashed potatoes. Or at least I think he uses it. The food chopper found it's place firmly cemented on my counter around the holidays when I have to chop up some nuts or herbs.

Anyway, so in comes the mini food processor. There are only two speeds, hi and lo. You can manually pulse the speeds if you want. There's the base, the bowl, the blade, and the lid. All come apart very easily from one another and super easy to clean in both the dishwasher and manual washing. It isn't nearly as powerful at pulverizing poultry (I just wanted some alliteration for giggles) as the blender. However, it has proven its value with soft foods and is definitely easier to scrape foods out to store.

I must say, though, that I do miss my Magic Bullet. This little baby was a dynamo and I loved the built-in storage capabilities of the containers. Alas, after 3 years of continued use (yes, I used it at least once a week), it died on me. Instead of buying another one, we went with the Cuisinart because we didn't want to fuss with the storage of the Magic Bullet containers. (They don't stack.) We have limited cabinet space, so we figured the mini food processor would be better. We packed up the little Magic Bullet containers and blades and sent them off to charity. So, when I clean up some cabinet space, I will probably be purchasing another Magic Bullet because my-old-as-I-am blender has rendered itself useless because someone broke the glass jar that goes along with it. This blender is so old, that the part number has worn off, so I can't look online to find a replacement. It was a sad, sad day for me when I made this discovery. Looking back, I feel more than silly for snapping at the guilty party because accidents do happen. I guess I was just a little too emotionally involved with my small appliance and frankly, I wasn't appreciative of what I had. (Geez, isn't that a metaphor for life in general.)

In any case, if you need to prepare mushy baby food, blend together softened butter with fruit, and yes, even make a small batch of salsa, then this little appliance will do just the trick!

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chae said...

I own that food processor and I've finally decided that I really like it. I just used it to make cilantro chutney and salsa the other day. It's a really handy kitchen gadget!

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