time flies

Sunday, August 16, 2009

For you few of my readers who wondered where I've been, I've not been trying to be on a hiatus. I've been a bit of a hermit, no, I've actually been really busy and too exhausted at the end of the day to drop a few words.

I've been wearing my HOA president hat, trying to get our newsletter out and help finalize details of the summer party. I also had to filter through Mari's closet and stow away all of the clothes she's out grown and pull out the clothes from the final sac of clothes that I'd bought prior to her arrival. She's officially in her 2T clothes and in her size 6 shoes. WOW!

While we were at it, we put away some of the other items she has outgrown to give her more space to run around in her room. We still have to hang a few hooks and print off some of her photos to fill the picture frames, but all in all, it is coming together.

On Friday, we went to a charity powder puff football game. This was the first women's sporting event for Mari and I hoped that she would be inspired by the girls working hard. She sat through the first half and then wanted to run around the bleachers, up and down, up and down, all through half time and most of the 2nd half. I can't help but to get a little emotional thinking about how much she's changed and how so very blessed I am to have her in my life. She keeps us on our toes and makes us have giggle fits, and yes, even our own bouts of frustration when she is overwhelmingly headstrong. Her latest thing is to climb up on the couch, daring to flip over. It freaks us out, because if she falls, it's about 3ft into tile. :( If we push the couch up, and she falls on the carpet, then she'll want to do it again. idea what to do. In any case, our days start with a toothy grin while she shoves her favorite blanket in our faces. She bravely waves us goodbye when we drop her off at her school. And she'll warmly greet us with a happy smile when we pick her up at the end of the day. We all sing together as the Backyardigans bid their adieu. She and I shower together and at the end of the day, rest assured, we get to sing to her, listen to a calming CD and gaze up at the stars while we pray and give thanks for the day. is such a blessing. I never knew how much I wanted her until I had her. I love you sugarbean. Thank you for bringing such joy to our lives!


Kristen, pajama mama said...

sometimes taking breaks from blogging is a good thing-if it means we're more present in our real lives, don't you think? glad you're enjoying your little sugarbean!

chae said...

What a cute Raider. You're right. Time does fly! It was flying way too fast in August of 09.

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