HDMR: The Soloist, Race to Witch Mountain, The Last House on the Left, Knowing

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's been quite a long time since I've last done a Hump Day Movie Review (HDMR), so what better way to dust off the ol' blog than to write a quick review over some movies I watched as a distraction to the day? Just as an FYI, we watched 3 of these movies on Tuesday and 1 on Wednesday. Normally, we don't have this much time on our hands, but Mari took an extra long nap on Tuesday and on Wednesday, she went to sleep early-ish. Not really. We've been suffering from insomnia this entire week (thanks friends who have seen us and haven't commented on the hollow, dark circles where there was once brightness). Anyway, I hit up Blockbuster and rented 4 movies.

Anyway, on to the reviews:

It is no secret that I'm a HUGE fan of RDJ. He's right on up there with Christian Bale (yeah, yeah, yeah, the guy has issues, but man he's good to look at and has some amazing acting chops). Anyway, I'd been wanting to see this movie for a while and when Jenna mentioned renting it from a Red Box, I remembered that it was something on my radar, but I had not put it on my Netflix. Since we are currently watching Generation Kill on Netflix, we didn't have any movies queued up for that day. So yes, back to the movie. I LOVED the soundtrack. Absofreakinlutely loved ALL of it. Every single classical piece and the modern pieces too. I forgot how much I loved Neil Diamond's Mr. Bojangles, so mellow, melodious, that simple strumming on the guitar strings, I'm listening to it on repeat right now, in fact...I digress. The movie was a little slow and I knew that the director was trying to convey schizophrenia. I liked it, but I couldn't get past seeing Jamie Foxx. He did OK, but didn't get lost in the role like I thought he did in Ray. But RDJ, well, he did an amazing job. He is so utterly expressive with those eyes, you can't help but feel what is going on in his mind. It was worth the rental, for the music alone. You feel for the guy and are reminded how you can find friendship in the unlikeliest of places. Rating: 1 box of raisinettes and an unenthusiastic high five

I went into this movie not knowing anything about Knowing. I like Nicolas Cage and even though he hasn't done anything recently worth note, I'd figured I'd give him the old Castor Troy try since he has had some sleeper roles (Captain Corelli's Mandolin anyone?) The way it started out, I wondered if we were going to see another suspense thriller. Instead, I found myself trying to figure out this mystery beyond mysteries. I found myself out of control and could related to wanting to control things. In the end though, it just made me want to hold my family a little tighter and slightly pissed off at the thought of being stuck in traffic only to have a ginormous plane plummet smack dab on top of you. BTW, the kiddos in this movie are creepy as all get out. I hope Mari isn't like them. Weird, I can handle, but creepy, not so much. Rating: handful of kettle corn and a low five


Holy cow. I have no idea what compelled me to want to see this, but I did. Wes Craven, thank you for making movies and not being out there living out the reality in your head. Same goes for you cooky Quentin Tarantino. You're looking a hot tranny mess these days, buddy, but you make brilliant films. Anyway, back to the movie. I didn't find myself on the edge of my seat as much as I would have anticipated. I did, however, feel really uncomfortable during one of the earlier scenes and I just couldn't watch it any more. I felt myself wanting to throw up. But then later, when there was some major kickassery, I found myself ever so much more deranged than I gave myself credit for. I was pissed off that they didn't torture the evil people. Then again, when you think in terms of your family and horrific things that could potentially happen to them, your mind begins to craft all sorts of ways to exact revenge if you were put in the similar circumstances. Not sure if I want to own this movie, but I did enjoy it. Rating: 2 XL boxes of rasinettes, a tub of kettle corn, and a high five because this movie TOTALLY took my mind off of reality

This is a fun movie. You have to take it for face value because it is a kids movie and I believe it is another Disney film based on a ride, but I could be wrong. Anyway, it was filled with action and adventure. I love Dewayne "The Rock" Johnson and Carla Gugino. BTW, I've pretty much convinced myself that I want her haircut in this movie. I miss a regular cropped bob. *sigh* Anyway, this movie is fun and enjoyable for the whole family. Kudos go out to Ciaran Hinds. Anything he does is remarkable and he plays such a delicious villain, I found myself wanting to slap him straight through the TV! Rating: Box of raisinettes and an enthusiastic high five...and maybe a handful of kettle corn

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