Songs of Love We'll Sing to Thee

Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm always proud when I think of my alma mater, Texas Tech. There's a certain pride in all of us when we fondly remember our times in school. I also feel a further connection when a fellow alumnus accomplishes a great feat or represents the school in a positive manner. This is Susan Graham, from the Metropolitan Opera singing "Ave Maria" at Senator Kennedy's funeral.

This is one of my favorite pieces, so much so that my cousin sang it for us at our wedding. I need to figure out a way to splice our wedding video so you can hear her sing. It is INCREDIBLE! (BTW, she's another Tech alumni, a product from the same music program as Susan Graham and I think she's every bit as good! The voice of an angel, indeed.)

And not Tech alumni, but still a beautiful performance here is link to Placido Domingo and Yo-Yo Ma performance at the funeral: I don't have any idea how Yo-Yo Ma gets his cello to play/sound like that, but I never tire listening.

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