The Potty!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Over the last month, Mari has used the toilet a few times. Tonight was the first time where I asked her if she had to go and she affirmed it. I took her to the bathroom and she refused to sit on her seat. She wanted to sit on the big one. So, perched her on top and lo' and behold, she went! Then she fussed because I presume she was trying to sign all done, but didn't want to let go since she was using her arms to balance. When I asked her if she was done, she nodded and I helped her down.

I made a big production about her "going" that I was a little unprepared. I wanted to have silly string and confetti poppers for just this occasion, but alas, I didn't. *sigh* She seemed sufficiently happy with my hoots and hollers and the requisite high fives while I drowned her in kisses. I've said it before and I'll say it again, but I never thought that I'd ever get this excited about poop.

Sorry for taking a break from the vacation blogging, but I had to talk about regular life for a tad bit to brag on my baby girl. Now let's see if she'll continue. :)

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