Oktoberfest 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Even though my foot was still feeling wonky, I knew I needed to walk it out, so we met up with some friends in Addison to enjoy Oktoberfest. brats and sauerkraut. For those of you who knew me when I was pregnant, that seemed to be one of the more colorful cravings I had: sauerkraut. Mari curiously smelled it, but didn't want any. I don't think I was ready for her to really taste it anyway.

Like I mentioned, I had a beer brat which was sooooooo delish!! MmM...made perfectly. I didn't have any beer, but that water I was drinking was pretty spectacular. I also had a cherry strudel and a ruben sandwich to-go. Everything was incredible and only reminded me that the fair is right around the corner! Woo-hoo!

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The Potts Family said...

Jay really wanted to go to Oktoberfest. But we had so much else going on....
Glad you had your sauerkraut.

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