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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Last night on NPR, they were talking about the election and that there were only 57 days left before Election day. I thought, hmmm...that's 55 days until race day for me. I better get on it! I figured if I could get in 5 miles at least 3x a week, that's 90 miles that I'll be running from now until then. But let's get real, I know on the weekends I'll be running quite a bit more than that. I have the Tour de Fleurs 20K next weekend. I'm excited. It's nearly a half marathon and it will be a good starter race for me to get ready for the big one.

Don had meet the teacher last night, so I had to pull some major mommy duty when I got off from work. I was a safe speed racer on the way to her school to pick her up. However, once I got there, I took my time. I really do enjoy chatting with Fredes listening to her stories about Mari from the day. Apparently, she loved the food I made for her: sweet potatoes mixed with yucca! She nearly ate all 2 ounces of it. Plus, she had apples for the first time yesterday (I don't make the fruit baby food, just the veggies).

She must've loved the apples because she ate the ENTIRE jar of them. Wow! I think she's just going through another growth spurt because this morning when I went to get her dressed for the day, her torso looked leaner and last night I noticed the tiny baby fat rolls she'd accumulated on her legs were down to barely one. Man, they certainly do grow fast, huh?

Anyway, I went off on a tangent, as I'm prone to do often. I got home, fed Guapo, checked the mail, then changed and loaded up Mari in the stroller. I'd layered her with a long thermal shirt to protect her from the rain. It was just sprinkling when I'd first started getting dressed, so I figured, 'eh it won't be too bad. Plus, it was still pretty warm out, so why not. Just in case, I threw on my old sneakers instead of the new ones. Well, after the first half mile, it started to really come down. We were next to a pretty busy street and the car noise overpowered the music I was playing through the stroller speakers. Mari wasn't having any of that. The swoosh-swoosh-swoosh of car tires splashing through thick puddles in the middle of the street really bothered her. Plus, I didn't have a plastic stroller protector on her, just the mosquito netting stroller protector. She wasn't soaked like I was, but she was a little damp. I adjusted the stroller to cover her more and kicked it into high gear to hurry home. My 5 mile run had to be cut short to 2.5 to 3 miles. Oh well. A very nice gentleman in a large white pickup pulled over to the side leaning out his window yielding an umbrella like it was Excalibur. How sweet I thought. He wanted to offer me a ride. I know I was a total saturated mess, but I didn't care. How often did I have the luxury of running in warm rain in Texas? By this time, Mari had passed out and it wasn't that much further until I was home. I politely said, "No thanks" and headed along my merry way. I broke 8.5 minute mile pace to make up for the other times I had to stop. I contemplated on making another loop around to get the full 5 miles in, but opted against it.

When I made it home, I delicately uncovered the mosquito netting and hung it outside (on the dry part) to let it dry out. My sneakers went squeak-squeak-squeak on our tile and I was certain it would wake the baby. But nope. I slid them off and my socks were wet too. Ewww...I hate soaked socks! (ever since I was a kid and would get drenched on those rides at 6 Flags and my socks would be totally wet! My feet would get so wrinkled and gross. Yuck!) Anyway, I gently placed her in her crib and went to wash her bottles and prep them for the next day. After finishing that, she was up from her nap and ready to play.

I made myself a quick dinner from the breakfast casserole I made inspired by PW's Sleepin' In Omelette. My version had waaay less butter, I used whole wheat buns instead of onion rolls, added sausage, left out the chives, and added 1 jalapeno. (so you see how it was inspired by it, right?) I realized that I absolutely love breakfast. If I could have breakfast for every meal, I would! That's how much I like it. I've decided to try to have home cooked meals at least 3 times a week. I've been taking one day out of the week to make all of the stuff (along the way I taste it, right) and then store it away for future use. Last week was the pizza, salmon, and enchiladas. This week it is the casserole, another pizza (because I'd bought 2 of the pre-made pizza doughs), and I have a simple skirt steak recipe that I'll use to make quesadillas, nachos, and even have a steak salad. YUM!

Anyway, after I heated it up my dinner, I made a list of things to do this weekend. One of which included making a birthday present for my friend's special day next month. I doubt she's reading this, but if you are, then I'm not saying what it is so I don't ruin the surprise! I had Jack & Jill v. the World from Netflix, so I threw it in the DVD player since I knew Don wouldn't want to watch it. It was cheesy and Freddie Prinze Jr. wasn't believable as a smoker (I honestly don't know why he smoked in this movie.), but Taryn Manning did a good job. I don't know when I put it on my netflix account, but it was ok. I especially loved the men's dialog. humorous and some wit. I had to pause a few times to pull Mari away from the computer cord and take away Guapo's toy from her hand, oh and I can't forget about her trying to climb on top of me to get to the couch. But overall I enjoyed the night and my movie. I am in search of the soundtrack, though. I REALLY liked it!

When Don got home and we had a nice chat. I miss talking to him as much as we had over the summer. Since I sit in front of a computer all day, I send him emails, but he doesn't always check his email. Usually, he catches up on the weekends.

Off to buy the K-State v. Tech tickets for the October showdown in Manhattan, KS. Since I Mari wore her Tech gear to the Tech game (in Lubbock) I guess she'll wear her K-State gear to this game. I'm in search of red and black socks for her, though! :) Happy Tuesday!

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