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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy Hump Day friends!

Today, I will be reviewing Pouf Dallas Blow Dry Salon. If you know me, you know my love/hate relationship with my hair. I LOVE my hair! Love, love, love my hair. I LOATHE fixing it. Even though I’ve lost some of the thickness since having my girls, it is still quite thick, coarse, and unruly. Any opportunity I get to have someone else blow out my hair, I jump on it! My go-to place has always been the original Drybar (featured on my 2012 Holiday Gift Guide), but I’m always on the hunt for other places, especially for convenience!

On that particular day, I knew I had to run an errand at Mockingbird Station. Fortunately for me, I called up earlier in the day to schedule an appointment. First off, here’s what you need to know about blow-dry salons.

  1. Your hair will get washed and conditioned.
  2. You will get a scalp massage. (the length of the scalp massage varies depending on where you go. some places will offer extra time for an additional cost)
  3. They will use a specific specialty product line on your hair. This is not limited to shampoos and conditioners, but hairsprays, shine serums, and more.
  4. Your hair will be blow-dried to what ever style you prefer. (Some places have a menu available for different styles.)
  5. Depending on your style, other styling tools will be used (Some salons will charge extra for use of these tools, some as much as $10.)
  6. These salons may also offer updos, braids, buns, and other hair styles.

At Pouf, immediately upon walking in, you will feel a sense of nostalgia. The checkered floors and vintage furniture add to the appeal. Also, there isn’t loud and obnoxious fancy music playing. They are playing music, but it is at a comfortable decibel level. You are offered a beverage upon check-in, limited to water, tea, soda, and sparkling lemonade. There is an assortment of magazines to read while you have your hair done, or you can pass the time by chatting with the stylist or play with your smart phone. I didn’t see a sample menu of styles to choose from, so it took me a moment to decide upon a style. Initially, I wanted a straight look, but later switched it up at the shampoo station when I became inspired. I wanted a Jackie-O, voluminous blow-out with the ends tucked under. Not outta control Texas volume, just slightly Texas volume.


I have to admit, when I walked in, I was feeling a little skeptical. I wasn’t bombarded with the familiar hairspray fumes or haze that I’d related to other blow-dry salons. There wasn’t a television playing a girly flick, nor was there a white wine spritzer or mimosa for me (I didn’t ask for an alcoholic beverage, I was just surprised one wasn’t immediately included in the offering). For me, when I go to these places, I’m not immediately looking to connect to anyone, I just want to sit, zone out, relax, and come out of it with spectacular hair. Not to mention, the chill down time and scalp massage really help keep my clustereff happy.

However, when I sat with Janna, I actually talked with her. I got to know her and she got to know me. She had a tender hand when working with my hair and scalp, which was still quite relaxing. Normally I like a more firm scalp massage, but this was nice! The same went when she was blow-drying my hair. The other thing that impressed me was she only took right at 45 minutes total to do my hair (including the shampoo and conditioner)! That’s SUPER fast for me, especially because it normally takes about 45 minutes just to blow dry! They use Kevin Murphy products for the hair and it is wonderful. It smells so good and is sulfate and paraben free. I actually considered purchasing something to use full time. In spite of spraying my hair, it didn’t feel loaded down at all. The product stayed true to its word and was, in fact, weightless!! I wish they had a price listing for the products. Janna was darling and I will DEFINITELY recommend her as a stylist. She managed to find a way to tame my crazy hair, including my little fringe in the front!

My blow-out successfully lasted 3 days before washing. It may have been able to go longer, but I did a 6 mile run in 1000% humidity, and in spite of that run, it wasn’t a complete frizz-ball mess of hair. I just needed to wash it because yeah, that wouldn’t have been very hygienic.

Pouf also offers hair services like different braids or their signature bun. Hair extensions and hair chalk can also be added on. Not just hair services, but they offer make-up services, too! They use GloMinerals make-up for their product line. During this trip, I did not have any make-up done, but I loved that they had an eyes and lips option. Likewise, they offer make-up classes, this week’s class will show you how to do the perfect Cat-eye. Finally, they have a small section full of hair accessories, like shower caps, hair bows, hair clips, as well as the Kevin Murphy line of products.

All in all, I will highly recommend Pouf Dallas Blow Dry Bar in that area. I live in the Northern suburbs of Dallas, so if I’m having a weekend blow-out, I will stick to Drybar for convenience. But during the week, since I work in Dallas, I totally plan on making a special visit to Mockingbird Station to get blown out.

Hours: SUN-WED 10-7  |  TH-FR 10-8  |  SAT 9-8 

Cost: Basic blow-out starting $35

Right now, Pouf is running a Groupon! One blowout is $17 ($35 value) or buy 3 for $50 ($105 value). You can bet your bottom dollar that I jumped on this deal! Also, for a limited time, if you book an appointment Monday – Friday, it is only $25!! Please note, you should always tip your stylist. I typically tip $10.

Hello Bianca!…I’ve never done Groupon, please help! Ok, click this link, enter your email to get started, and go from there! (If you click that link and purchase a Groupon, I will get a $10 credit. That’s only good for you first-timers.)

So put on your sassy pants, make an appointment, and go get your glam on! Feel sexy with your fabulous hair!


**I was not compensated in any way for my review of Pouf. I am not opposed to receiving perks, I just thought Pouf is rather nifty and deserved a review. The opinions expressed are my own.**

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