Hello Bianca's 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Friday, December 7, 2012

After reading some tweets and talking with friends, I decided I'd come up with my own gift guide for things I'm interested in gifting or would like to receive. The following items don't even begin to encompass the things I've thought about, but anyway, without further ado...

I have a lot of friends that love coffee. I'm not talking regular coffee, although, there's nothing wrong with some Dunkin' Donuts amiright? These friends of mine are all about the chemical reactions when it comes to the beans, the water...I swear they are practicing high levels of alchemy in their unknown basements. Anyway, I've fallen into the coffee lovin' spell. I'm so entranced when I see baristas use the Chemex carafe drip coffee maker. It's a thing of beauty, I tell ya! $35+

Obviously, if you are gonna give a drip coffee maker, you should give coffee. Well, some of our loved ones will be receiving coffee. Me personally, I like Cuvee Mezzanotte (starting at $13), Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters (starting at $16), Dunkin Donuts...don't judge ($7), and Cafe Britt (starting at 10).
Last year, one of my friends introduced me to Fracture. I'd been wanting to try them out for a while and well, I took the plunge and I am not disappointed. High quality and a really unique gift! 

Very few people aren't a fan of wine or champagne. If they aren't, a craft beer or a specialty spirit may be on their list. Some of the best moments began with glassware clinking to sincere words that were spoken. $15+

Land's End Medium Totes. I received a bag like this when I started my job 5 years ago and let me tell you, this bag is phenomenal and so versatile. I use it for any trip whatsoever. Sturdy, spacious, open, and perfect for me. I'm definitely going to share the love this year and gift it to some of my most special people, filled with their favorite things. $25.50

Make a memory with a loved one. After all, we aren't guaranteed tomorrow. I don't know if you have those friends that you hardly get to spend time with, but they are so very close to you. You know what i'm talking about, right? Well, most of my closest friends are this way. For this reason, concert tickets/movie tickets are guaranteed a date night to spend time with that precious loved one. Focus less time on the actual gift and more time on the gift of your presence! $100+ for concert tickets for two, $20+ for movie tickets

Since my girls don't get online, I feel it is ok for me to share a couple of the things we will give them this year. 

To foster imagination, we bought CitiBlocs for the girls. Already, they like to build things, so I can only imagine all of the wonderful structures they will come up with! $100+
Both of my girls are girly girls. They adore dresses and getting dressed up. Party dresses are essential in our home and not just around this time. $27.99+

Additionally, the Sugarbean will receive a certificate for a family date night out of her choosing. $50+ cost for the whole family.

And now, here is the point where my husband has really made a request for ideas. Yeah, I've added items to my Pinterest board, but when I look at it, some of the things I already have, some of them are things that I only want to dream of having and not really have, and other things...well, I just don't know, they are there just because I think they are pretty. 

Also, I was talking with my buddy and gave him advice that I will share with you: Give a gal you like something comfortable and something that makes her feel sexy. Something comfortable so she can cuddle up on days where she isn't feeling it. A thing that is cozy and like a hug. Something that makes her feel sexy because well, having that extra pep in our step goes a long way. Doesn't have to be extravagant, either. Just little happies that let her know you've thought of her. 

First up, shoes! Imelda Marcos, eat your heart out! ha ha can change a day in a matter of seconds. The best part about shoes, it does not matter your size above the ankle, more often than not, they will fit your feet. When I was crazy pregnant, knocking on 230 lbs, I would go into my closet, pull out a pair of pretty shoes, lay on my bed and wrangle them on my feet. I didn't dare walk on them much, but boy did they make me feel great (albeit a much tighter squeeze, but still). DSW gift card so I can shop and browse and find a nice pair of clicker/clacker shoes. $25+
Again with the Land's End, I know, but whatevs. Last year, my Beloved bought me a pair of these lounge pants and holy wow, do I love them!! The only problem...they are too big. Doesn't matter, I'll still wear 'em saggy. They are so comfortable and immediately when I get home from work, I put a pair of these on and feel great! $50
Solmate socks! Yes, maybe I have a foot obsession. I love socks. Like almost more than I love shoes, even. These socks by Solmate are divine. I don't own a pair, yet. My Instagram friend turned me on to them in a photo she snapped and posted. Immediately, I was in love. These are amazing!! $20 a pair
Back to shoes, I know, I know. Who doesn't love a product with a social cause? I love their basic shoes, even though I don't wear them all-the-time like some people I know. When I saw these wool wedges, I thought, wow, what a wonderful shoe for the winter. Not necessarily the boots that I need (because, yeah, I don't own one pair of boots!! Ok, that's a small lie. I own a pair of white vinyl go-go boots, but that's more of a costume and not for everyday wear. What? You don't have your own pair of vinyl shoes in your closet for costume parties? Well you should! Point taken, I need a pair of real boots. Noted.) Anyway, I love these! $89

Finally, a gift coaster to The Drybar. Nothing makes me feel sexier than a good blow-out! When my hair is fabulous, watch out world, because this girl is on fi--yah!! (Alicia Keys reference. By the way, if you've not checked out her new album, Girl on Fire you totally need to because it's awesome!) $35+ per blowout
To quench my inner geek with gadgetry, I could totally go for one of these stylus pens. Sometimes I want to write with a pen instead of my finger and this would be fantastic! Especially when I write my lists on the go in Evernote! $3+

Voluspa candles are amazing. Not only that, but their subtle and pleasant fragrances make a room feel better, less congested. They are more expensive than some other candles, but they are worth the splurge! $9 for a votive that has 25 hours of burn

There you have it! What other ideas do y'all have or what is on your wishlist? Happy Shopping! Oh, and if you need superb ideas for wrapping, check out my friend Rebecca's "Pimp Yo' Presents Inspiration Week" over at Older and Wisor.


Kristine - A Graceful Home said...

Wonderful ideas! I'm with you on the shoes and those are great candles! Thanks for your sweet comment.

Melissa G said...

I just asked for the stylus for Christmas. Great price and will be great for my new toy! Thank you for sharing your ideas =)

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