Fall Out of a Plane and Live (Check): 14 Tips for First-Time Skydivers

Friday, July 12, 2013

So this happened on my girls trip to California…
Yeah, right? Out of my mind, some of you may be thinking. The other half of you are like, “cool, I’ve done that! so rad.”

It was definitely an experience, let me tell you. First off, let it be known that this was NEVER, EVER, NOPE, NOT EVER on my bucket list of things to do before I died. BUT, then why did I do it? Well, just because it was never on the list didn’t mean that it couldn’t be a source for me to conquer my fear of heights. And just the day before, I did this…

I hiked up (and down, which was more treacherous than going up!) Cowles Mountain and crawled out to the ledge, stood up high on that rock, and jumped in the air. Moments after, I bawled like a baby. Why? Because I overcame my fear. I was shaking nervously, grateful to have my BFF with me so we could talk, and keep me distracted from the increased elevation. When we made it to the top, I knew I had to crawl out to the ledge to snap that photo. I just had to!

Which takes us back to the skydiving adventure.

Here are my own personal Skydiving tips that I think you would find helpful if you’ve wanted to do this or are considering skydiving. I am not a professional, these are some things that came to mind immediately:
  1. Wear something comfortable like running tights/capris…think workout clothes.
  2. It will only be cold for moments.
  3. You will spend a long amount of time filling out the necessary paperwork. Don’t bitch about it, you’re totally going to be falling out of a plane, duh. You need that legal stuff.
  4. Don’t only have coffee right before. A light meal would be nice.
  5. Having something light to have on hand immediately afterwards would be good.
  6. If you don’t like those g-force spins on roller coasters, you won’t like the spins you will make once the chute is deployed.
  7. If you have that, then odds are, you will suffer from motion sickness. If you have vertigo, you will be laid out for at least a week.
  8. Embrace the motion sickness. You totally fell out of a plane and lived!
  9. If you puke, that’s ok. It’s why the tandem guys wear helmets. For the record, I didn’t get sick.
  10. If you are only going to do it once, then splurge for the photos and video (money well spent).
  11. Keep your eyes open and see the beauty of God.
  12. Amazing perspective from that high in the sky.
  13. I felt like I was Ironman flying in the sky to save the world. I wasn’t falling, I was flying!
  14. Arch your back, everything else will be fine.

And here's my video of it all.
Bianca Skydives Over San Diego from Bianca Sias on Vimeo.

A very special thank you to my dear Danika who hosted us, drove us out there, and cheered us on (and nursed me back to health, too!), as well as my BFF Lindsey, who came up with the idea, and kept me committed to my One Little Word: COURAGE.

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