Happy 2nd Birthday Tesla Jane

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Another year has passed, another year filled with adventures! I can't believe time has flown by so quickly since that first year.

My dearest Sugarbaby,

Today was your second birthday. It is cold and rainy outside and a Wednesday. On Monday, afternoon, I received a call from your school that the dreaded pinkeye had caught up to you and I needed to come get you. At the doctor, the infection was confirmed, so I made plans to work from home on Tuesday. Little did I know just how grateful I'd be for that pinkeye bug.

I awoke on that normal Tuesday morning, walked to the living room and set up a makeshift office until you were up for the day. I was able to log a couple of hours before you were up. I was also able to log a couple of more while you watched "How to Train Your Dragon." My favorite part was when you climbed up into my lap, snuggling in. Typing out emails to my office hadn't been that fun in a while! We went to have lunch. The sky was overcast and you surprised me by remembering a bronze ox in the park. You pointed and stated, "Hot" while refusing to go near it. You didn't have any issue with climbing up on the bronze ducks!

We then went back home where you had a monster nap. Not before I was able to snuggle with you a little more before tucking you in. That evening, I watched as you busied yourself with your sister when she got home. And in that moment I was so, so, so very grateful to have shared your last day as being 1 with just you for most of the day.

You further surprised me with a bear hug while saying, "Te amo, Mama!" This after earlier in the day when you'd held up a yellow piece of chalk and proclaimed, "yellow!" I spent time showing you how to draw a T, and after the 5th try, you did it. Then you went back to drawing your favorite hash marks on everything. You enjoy helping me do chores, and watch me like a hawk in all that I do. You are absolutely inquisitive and extremely independent! Your father and I have our hands full between you and your sister. Oh and the bond that you two share!!! Melts my heart!

Today, you went back to school. You insisted on having your coat worn just so and you HAD to have on sunglasses, even though the sun was not out.

When we stepped out, you burrowed into my shoulder and said, "Chilly dog, Mama! FFFfrriooooo!" When I covered you with my scarf, you happily said, "Thank you, Mama." You were happy to be with your friends, and I told Bren and Baylee that it was your birthday. Bren told you, "happy birthday!" You two year olds crack me up!

I had warm chocolate chip cookies delivered from Tiff's Treats for your afternoon snack. I tried my hardest to make it to that impromtu party for you, but all of the meetings I'd postponed on Tuesday caught up with me today. It was ok, because when I got home from work, you were so excited, happily dancing and moving to your internal song.

You were able to talk with your Nana and Skype with Nina Dani, Nono, and Grandfather. As you were going to sleep, I played the voicemail from your Bisabuela, but not before your big sister sang you a birthday lullabye.

I love you so very much, baby! I am looking forward to these tremendous twos with you!!

Love you,

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E said...

Happy birthday to Miss Tesla!!!

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