Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I keep trying to give this season’s Mad Men a shot, but frankly, it has been irritating me. Even though, each Sunday, I’ve tuned to AMC hoping it’ll maybe morph into The Walking Dead. And each Sunday, I think it will show at 8, but it really doesn’t air until 9, so I find myself with an hour to kill. Lucky for me, this week I stumbled upon the second installment of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown when flipping over to CNN for more Boston news coverage which has been forced down my throat. I know, I need to turn that off. That’s what happens when I have an early  evening nap and I can’t sleep just yet.

Anyway, hearing a good story is something I enjoy a great deal. If that story involves food and other personal anecdotes, then I’m completely captivated! If it is narrated by Tony Bourdain, then I’m a fan. If you are the same way, then you definitely need to check out Anthony Bourdain’s new project: Parts Unknown, on CNN Sundays at 8PM Central.

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E said...

I haven't watched Mad Men, but have seen a lot of comments from people not impressed this season. So I guess I'm not missing out. :)

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