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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Finally took the Sugarbaby in to see our main doctor. We'd been hitting up Acute Kids because well, it was convenient. Since Tesla hasn't gotten any better, we needed a more thorough check of it all. After hitting her with the hard stuff (amoxicillin with augmentin), nothing. Duh, it's viral, right? Well, she was still having ridiculous fevers and now we have a yeast rash.

sarcastic: YAAAY

Luckily, we love our doc. She spent about 20 minutes assessing her, listening to her and interacting. She did warn us that if this didn't clear up, the next step would be to take her to an ENT. Not what we really want to do. This time around, we are equipped with a slight steroid, a different antibiotic, and some diaper creme. While I was waiting, a fever blister popped up. Am I stressed much? Possibly. I was given a prescription for that, too!

Now we wait. Ugh, I hate this time period where it seems like your kiddo is non-stop sick. I know we don't have it so bad. I know I should be grateful and I am. So grateful to have healthcare insurance. Beyond grateful for an understanding boss. Grateful for my partner who forces me to sleep. Oh and coffee, too.

How are you all feeling?

sidenote: We have had 70 degree weather down here. It's been glorious. I hope it isn't too much to ask, but I seriously, SERIOUSLY hope it lasts until next weekend so the Sugarbean's party is awesome! Putting that out there in the universe.

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E said...

Ugh. I hope you are all feeling better soon!

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