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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's evening, my beloved had to work his part-time job. Truth be told, I was TOTALLY ok with it because I'd been wanting to see What's Your Number? I'm an Anna Faris fan ever since House Bunny & Just Friends.

After an impromptu dress up session with my girls, I put the Sugarbean to bed early. Tesla and I hung out since she was insistent on latching herself to me. I popped in the movie, made a big bowl of the Indian inspired lentil goulash that Don made before work, had my vin cotto chocolate nearby, and settled in for a night of laughs.

This movie had some laughs, but overall, I was more than disturbed by it all. It isn't uncommon for Anna Faris to run around barely dressed, but some of her outfits were more than forced. I had a brief hint of hope for her in following her dream of creating these beautifully artistic sculptures, but sadly, they didn't develop that storyline. It was more centered and focused on her landing the guy (which, duh, it's a RomCom), but still. In House Bunny she elevated beyond the obvious. I was hoping for some similar magic here, but no. I didn't get that. I was more excited about my phone telling me the battery was dying than I was about watching this movie.
Sidenote: The port that allows my cell phone battery to charged has gone kaput. My phone died in the middle of this movie. I was paranoid, used my Google Voice Number to text and stay connected. Thank goodness for that. I am using my spare phone and it is JUST a phone. I can't believe how dependent I have become on my Smart Phone. I feel like someone has severed a cord. It's refreshing, though, to be disconnected. Truthfully, though, while I do miss my phone camera, it is great to have a break!
Anyway, if you have a free rental, then feel free to rent it. I was disappointed, but not completely un-entertained. Just not quite the barrel of laughs that I wanted.

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