10 Months: Open Letter to Tesla

Friday, February 3, 2012

Dear Miss Tesla Jane,

Hard to believe it's been 10 months since you were born. Today, you have been out of the world longer than you were inside of my belly. It's tough for Mommy to comprehend. In those 10 months, you've have given us so much brightness. We've had to alter and juggle our schedules around, but it hasn't been much of a hassle.

The past week, you've decided to only wake once in the night. I think if you weren't battling the ear infections, you would probably be sleeping through the night completely. You continue to share a bed with us for now, but you are fully napping in your crib.

You have added book and pa-po (Guapo) to your vocabulary. The doctor says its a great thing that you can say books because well, obviously we read enough to you that you know what a book is. You also call magazines books. After all, they have pictures and words, right?

You can stand for a few seconds on your own. If you are in the mood, you will try walking with assistance. You are a great eater! You really go crazy for eggs and pasta. Like your sister, you love to rub your food-covered hands through your hair while you eat. I've often wondered why we bother with a bib, when you should be wearing a bonnet. The other day, when I picked you up from school. I caught you drinking out of a sippy cup! What a big girl you've become. I wasn't even aware you could do that. As a result, we have now begun to transition you away from the bottle and on to sippies.

Like a tiny Christopher Columbus, you now navigate your way all around the house. You love to roam between your sister's room, to the office, to the kitchen, and occasionally, we will find you in Guapo's cage. You are a huge fan of the kitchen, opening and closing doors and trying to pry open the doors that are child-proofed. Similar to your sister, you seem actively engaged when we are prepping our meals in the kitchen. You pay special attention to all of the gadgets we use, especially the mixer! You really do enjoy the Kitchenaid and the Bosch.

Bath time remains your favorite activity. You could splash for weeks in there if we let you. A close second is tower destroying. We play blocks together. You tolerate the stacking of blocks, but you really prefer to tear them down. I will piece together semi-elaborate towers of mega blocks (well, as elaborate as I can make them), especially gathering larger pieces here and there for better support. When I'm done, you stare at the tower, observe it, then hit it exactly where it would be most vulnerable. I don't find this at all a coincidence, seeing as how you do it over and over again. You will then proceed to tear the larger pieces apart until you have a pile of mega blocks all around you. At that point, you will look up at me expectantly, requesting that I build another. Which I will gladly do.

You have also discovered a love for the guitar. Strumming and humming is what you and daddy do. Big sister will dance as the two of you play. It's magical!

You remain a cuddlebug to the extreme. You give these marvelous, strong hugs, and refuse to let go of your grasp until you've satisfied the full extent of the hug. I love it!

Happy 10 month birthday to you, baby!

I love you!

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Megan Aguilar said...

That was so incredibly beautiful. Thank you for sharing that and I know she will treasure your memories of her.

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