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Thursday, December 22, 2011

As you run to and fro' gathering the last bits of good tidings for your loves, I wanted to share a couple of last minute happies sure to please!

Redbox Yes, finally, at long last, Redbox is offering gift codes for you to share with friends. is your stop to buy a movie rental on your friend. The only drawback, caveat, is that you MUST either be friends with the person on Facebook (and send via facebook) or know their email address. Of course, your recipient couldn't use Redbox if they didn't have an email address, so yeah. Anyway, these gift codes are sent in increments of $5 or $10. They are super convenient, as Redbox is convenient. I've talked about them before, so this isn't new news. Once upon a time, I gave Blockbuster gift cards. With the advent of so many of their brick and mortar shops closing, it's more difficult to actually use the gift card.

Groupon Yes, you can give gift credits to groupon. If you have a friend that is a Groupon junkie, then give them some groupon love. Buy Groupon e-cards with different increments from $15-$200.

Gift Cards Well, we were talking about e-cards, but you can also go with the ol' standby of regular gift cards. Who doesn't like a thoughtful gesture? However, I always like to add a personal message associated with the gift card I pick out for the recipient. If I give a DSW card, I'll say something like, "For those shoes that you wanted, but couldn't justify because they weren't on sale. LOOK! Now, it's like they are on sale!" Small personalizations totally make a difference. Oh, and if you visit your local grocery store (or Wal-greens/CVS), you can visit the gift card carousel and probably find the gift card you need without having to go into the store. (Not so great for your local mom 'n pop shops. HOWEVER! You can call them directly or visit their site and get a gift card. One of my favorites: CITY CRAFT offers these and I think it is brilliant!!!)

I'm feeling super generous, so one of you readers will win one of those lovely Redbox gift codes, valued at $5!! Thank you all for being my readers, even when I've fallen off the radar screen. This is an easy giveaway. Just leave me a comment. Anything you want to comment. Whatever you want to say, hopefully nothing negative. You can tell me what you would like to watch. You can tell me your favorite holiday tradition. You can confess that you bake, but never get to the baking part because you eat the cookie dough before it goes in the oven. Whatever. Just enter and BAM. If you take less than a minute to enter, odds are you will win because my contests usually have less than 15 entries. :) HOORAY!

Contest will close at Midnight on December 30th. Bonus: For those of you who read this through Networked Blogs or on Facebook, your comments will go towards the entry, too! For you sneaky ones who want to comment on my regular blog and on Facebook, well *zing* you get 2 entries for being sassy and finding a loophole. Good luck!

**I was not contacted by Redbox, Groupon, or City Craft to promote their products. I just like their stuff and think it is nifty!**


E said...

I love using gift cards or coupons for super picky person. Trying to find just the right thing that they will actually like seems impossible sometimes.

chae said...

I'm not a fan of gift cards. Because I'd rather select the gift I want the recipient to have. Plus gift cards can get lost or misplaced.

sanchez said...

I like using gift cards especially if I don't know what that person's size is or what! It is good Redbox has a new promotion out because of their recent price change but I’m still a Blockbuster Movie Pass fan. It comes in handy now that my kids are on winter break. We can just stream over 3,000 movies to our PC or TV because you know traffic around this time of year is crazy and it just snowed! Another cool thing about it is you can have games, TV shows and even DVDs mailed to you so saves you on some gas money too. Working for DISH, my experience with the Blockbuster Movie Pass has been awesome! My kids love it and we have endless possibilities. Have a happy holiday!

Lindsey said...

I like to listen to music really loud in my car. *hair flip*

Lil D said...

I've been getting my brother a gift card to the his favorite store for the past 5 years & he loves it everytime!!!

stamica said...

Love me some redbox!

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