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Thursday, December 15, 2011

My friend E participates in these 10 on Tuesday memes. I have never participated, but I like reading hers. Anyway, in typical Bianca fashion, I'm doing mine on a Thursday. And hopefully, this will end the drought that has been on this ol' blog. Have y'all even missed me? Hmmm... ;)

1. How do you eat your eggs? 
Over real easy or scrambled with cream cheese (best scrambled eggs evaaaaaaah!!!)

2. Do you volunteer? 
Yes, I try to volunteer at least once a quarter. Giving back is a basic principle in my life.

3. What’s your favorite brand of jeans? 
I'd have to say either Joe's Jeans or David Kahn. 

4. What was your child’s first word? Or what was your first word? 
Mari's first word was Po-po (for Guapo) and Tesla's first word was Mooooom, which means food. My first word was cow. 

5. Can you french braid? 
Yes, many different types, too!

6. Do you prefer wide rule, college rule, or blank paper? 
blank notecards and college ruled paper

7. Is there a specific treat do you always make during the holidays? 
Cookies or some sweet treat. Gotta have the cookies for Santa!

8. Do you have a KitchenAid mixer? Do you want one? 
Sadly, no, I don't have one. I was moments late from the accidental Home Depot sale from years ago. I do love my Bosch kitchen machine, though!

9. What kind of computer do you use? 
Gateway laptop at home, Lenovo laptop for work...both have their own colorful flair lids (yes, PC, not Mac)

10. Favorite Christmas movie?
It used to be the older Miracle on 34th Street. I like that too, but I also like Elf. 6 inch curls!!! Impossible!

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E said...

Scrambled eggs with cream cheese...that's genius. I have to try that. And I've been wanting a pair of Joe's Jeans forever. Maybe I can find a pair at the outlet's that isn't way expensive.

P.S. Thanks for the mention!!

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