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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hooray! Another review! I'd been wanting to do an HDMR because I actually went to see a current release, but I think all of you have see The Help by now, so instead, I will focus on food. (What's my deal lately? You can clearly see my motivation is food and food related!)


Artizone offers you the opportunity to buy from your favorite artisans with the convenience of online shopping -- the time and money you save from driving to the store, shopping for ingredients and driving back home again can be spent on creating your very own culinary masterpiece.

I was introduced to Artizone via Groupon. Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, we like to take advantage of these sorts of deals. I've been purchasing things here and there with Groupon for a long while now and it is a great way to try new things that I might not have otherwise been keen on trying. When Artizone's came up, I was intrigued by the concept. Then, when I reviewed their list of shops, I was ecstatic. I mean, to have heavy hitters like Spiceman's FM 1410, Hirsch's Specialty Meats, Scardello, and La Duni in one stop shop...that's like a dream come true! (I also have it on good faith that Dude Sweet will be soon joining the lineup, too!)

Honestly, I have to admit I forgot to buy the Groupon the first time around. However, I have a darling husband who actually listens to me and purchased it. In passing, he casually asked me to a date at home and told me that we had to be home by a specific time for a special delivery. Of course, I didn't put that time in our calendar and it was one of those days where I was feeling like my 22 year old self and felt like running the world. I dragged out the entire family in the 108+ heat and managed to eek out 1.5 miles before I said, this is ridiculous. Who in their right mind hits the track with that heat...ahem, me. We then received a call that the delivery was waiting for us at our home and my heart sank. This was the super special delivery that Don had set up and we weren't home! But when we arrived home, the delivery driver was fantastic! He remained upbeat and positive, and was not at all put out by our tardiness. He hauled in our delivery and everything was beautifully packaged! I felt oh-so-fancy. Not long, I was shoo-ed out of the kitchen because all of these items were supposed to be a surprise. Dangit! I can't attest to all of the packaging, but I will say that the produce was in a lovely box and looked very happy and special indeed.

The quality of the food was fantastic. Well, when I was able to finally enjoy it when the surprise was revealed over the course of the next few days. We indulged in Larken Farms cucumbers, Scardello (smoked gouda cheese that had Mari asking for only that cheese, refusing the kid-staple Kraft American cheese), Busy B's eggs, and Empire Baking Company bread & peanut butter. Not long after that, Groupon had another deal featuring Artizone and I was absolutely ecstatic. I purchased two. One to share with my family this coming weekend and another to return the favor of our own in-home date night--this time I plan. I forsee Rex's Seafood, Scardello cheese, La Duni sweets, and a decadent pasta from Holy Ravioli. We'll see! Regardless, I know the food will be top quality and the service extraordinary! Check them out, you will NOT be disappointed by the awesome selection and the amazing service! There is free delivery through the end of the summer.

**I was not paid to write this review for Artizone. I was able to take part in the Groupon when they offered it, but nothing else was offered or given to me for my review. This review is based on my opinions with working with Artizone.**

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MakeupMandiTX said...

I can't wait to give it a shot. I've been jonesing to try it out since you and Don told us about it at our anniversary dinner. :) Thanks for sharing!

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