Happy 4 Months to Tesla

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dear Baby T,

This post will be all your own. Right now your number one mission is to grab hold of your feet and shove as many chubby toes into your mouth as you can. You do this while simultaneously rolling to your side. When you tire of your feet, then you fully roll onto your belly and proceed to do this awesome hybrid crawl off of your play mat and across the living room carpet. Slow down, darlin', you don't have to rush through things so quickly!

I've been quite impressed with your communication skills, too. You aren't signing with the fervor from the previous month, but you are attempting to formulate words out of your baby sounds. You lunge at your sister, large puddles of drool falling from your mouth as you happily say "MMMmmmmMMMMMmm" I think you know her name is Mari and maybe, just maybe you are trying to say that. You make a similar "MMmmmm" when you are staring and yelling at me when you are hungry. I know you are trying to say Mommy. But Daddy? No "ddddd" sounds just yet, but boy do you love being held in his arms. You especially like it when he stands you on his lap or he walks you around the house.

All that to say, you enjoy being held by someone or touching someone when you are awake and asleep. It totally melts my heart when we go to bed at night and in your half sleep, half awake state, you reach out your tiny hand to touch my face and stretch your foot to touch my leg. Yes, you are still co-sleeping with us and that is quite fine with your father and I. Good thing we upgraded to a king size bed.

You are wearing 6-9 month clothes perfectly. I'm not-so-secretly afraid that you won't fit into the bathing suit I purchased for you for a beach trip during the winter. EEK! And your cloth diapers? They are fantastic! We have had zero issues with them. When we have noticed they are getting a bit tight around your legs, we just loosen the elastic and we are good to go. You are at the last stage of the medium on that. More of your hair has come in and it is a really light brown, even a bit reddish-brown. You have a lighter complexion than your sister and it isn't because you aren't in the sun. You are quite a little water baby!

Also, you are really starting to enjoy your play gym. You've managed to turn yourself around in it quite a bit. Because of all of that work in your gym, you have really increased your core muscles. You can sit up for a couple of minutes on your own! In the next week or so, I know you'll be doing quite a bit more of that. Unlike your sister, you watch a bit of television, but otherwise are uninterested in it. You are completely captivated by classical music, picture books, and books with photographs (I need to introduce you to Annie!!). When I sing, you sing. Sometimes you sing in your sleep!

We've been fast and furiously stockpiling the pantry with foods we hope you will enjoy. We are hoping to push that off for another month or so, but we'll see. You have been staring at us with such intensity when we eat, even mimicking chewing and smacking your little mouth.

Your little personality is starting to shine through and I'm so happy you are in this world to brighten our days! Next week, you start your school and it's the first time you will be in the world with new strangers (who I hope become your friends). I'm anxious about it, indeed, but I know you are in good hands. Your sister loved the school and thrived in that environment and I hope you will too!

We love you dearly, little Tesla. Happy 4 Month Birthday to you!!

love always,

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