Knick Knack Party with the Dog and Came Rolling Home

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Knick Knack Party with the Dog and Came Rolling Home

And that's how the Sugarbean sings "Knick Knack Paddy Whack Give a Dog a Bone." The past few weeks have been a bit hectic on our end of the world and well, I've opted to try to get some sleep instead of writing down what I was experiencing. Well, at that moment. Thank goodness for my trusty camera phone (all pics in this post are from it), because well, I have been able to capture some terrific moments and I fully intend to share with all of you.

First off, I want you all to see this photo. It was a lazy Saturday afternoon (a rarity in these parts) and both girls had gone down for a nap. I myself was preparing to nap, but found myself attempting to move into my new room of requirement. In what seemed like 10 minutes (which actually ended up being nearly an hour later) I heard giggling coming out of the monitor. Guess who had snuck into her sister's crib and woke her up. They were having a conversation all their own, too! I just love how smiley and snuggly they are.


Even though I told her that Tesla needed sleep, and she should probably let her rest, she lingered a while. I guess they had some playing to do. I quietly creeped down the hall to see what they were doing and this is how I caught her:


That blue glow is Tesla's ladybug Cloud B light. Someone was trying to show her how to work it. At this point in time, Mari had also turned the baby monitor off. Funny. Later that afternoon, I gave Tesla a bath and  noticed that her hair was finally long enough for a teeny-tiny bow:

I told you it was teeny-tiny. Unlike her sister, she's also a fan of sitting in the Bumbo. She actually prefers sitting in that instead of a high chair. Interesting, huh?


Recently, Don had his annual eye appointment. When he went by to pick up his prescription, I guess someone wanted to play dress up. I think she looks pretty cute in those glasses! Studious indeed. Luckily, she doesn't need specs just yet. By the way, I scored that shirt for $3 at Buy Buy Baby! Woot!


Time seems to have sped up, though. My girls get along famously with one another and it warms my heart. I love how they interact with one another so easily. I already see how wonderful their friendship/relationship is and I can't help but beam. Mari is getting closer to making the connection that you can put the sounds of letters to make words. She knows all of her letters, she knows their sounds, and she can actually spell things, but isn't quite reading, almost, though. Crazy! However, she still inhales 6-10 books each evening before bed. Reading is one of her favorite activities. Here she is reading to her little sister....who, look, can now sit up unassisted. *tear*


That's the other thing I forgot to mention. After we put down Mari for the night, Tesla can't seem to get enough of snuggling with me. And you know what, I don't mind one single bit. So for now, I've neglected my work-outs, blogging, crafting, and bajillion other things to enjoy these few moments. All the rest of that stuff will be there later. Thank you all for still being loyal readers and for being patient!

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