Moving Day

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hello friends and readers! After four short years I finally settled on an actual domain to call my home*. Please change your bookmarks/feeds, etc... to Very clever and inventive domain, I tell ya. ha ha! No, actually, I wanted something simple and easy that my mom and MIL would remember without having to use the Google to find me. I'm hoping she will remember this one. (hi Mom! hi Carol!)

The actual move will take sometime this evening (maybe sooner), but I wanted to be sure to get in this last post on the old domain. Anyway, thank you so much!

*I hope all of my stuff transfers over, eeek!

1 comment:

chae said...

I like it! Simplicity is the key.
Do all the comments appear on your older blogs yet? It took a little while for them to show up when I changed the title of mine.

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