Restaurant Review: Love & War

Friday, June 3, 2011

Back when we were experiencing epic Texas weather of torrential rains and tornadoes, we set out to eat Love & War in Texas so I could satisfy my peach cobbler craving.
We were friendly greeted and immediately seated in a more quiet area. Outside, they had a large picnic table seating area where a live music performance was in full swing. Clearly they weren’t worried about the rain (even if it was leaking through the tin roof).
Our server was quite animated and made some great suggestions. When Mari dropped her corndog, he immediately replaced it and didn’t charge us. Then came our food. I ordered the El Paso. It was a 5 oz. steak with enchiladas, rice and beans. I opted to swap out the rice for spinach and the regular beans for the Shiner Bock beer beans. Additionally, we ordered a side of Texas cornbread.
The spinach was hearty and I was glad to have eaten it. That was about the best thing I could say about my meal. My steak, while only 5 oz, was full of sinew and fat. I definitely had more of a 3 oz steak. On a positive note, it was cooked properly, just a poor cut of beef. The enchiladas, while pretty, were undercooked. Much of the cheese on top of it wasn’t even melted. The cornbread tasted like a mix and the beans were not at all what I was expecting. I didn’t send my meal back. I ate my spinach, the mushrooms, and some of the steak. After all, I came here just for the peach cobbler. Initially, we ordered it to go because we were given the warning that three tornadoes had been spotted in Arlington. We made the call, to stay put until the storm passed, so we sat to enjoy dessert.
I took a photo and deleted it. It was a sad state of affairs, folks. The peach cobbler was old and tasted stale. Sad smile I wanted to cry. The crust, I could taste that it was undercooked. It was almost like eating thawed out frozen cobbler from, the grocery store. However, it was served with Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream, so that was a bright point. Unfortunately, I had a still hungry and curious Sugarbean, so I shared my ice cream with her. I considered ordering a drink to drown my sorrows, lamenting the poor food and dreary weather. Instead, I opted to devour the energy from our lovely company. Dining with friends is always a treat and usually, it doesn’t matter the food you eat, the company will always make up for it. In this case, it surely did!
The beer was good (or so I was told), our server awesome (after all, he’s an aspiring professional mascot), and the atmosphere very Texas-ish.

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