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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I thought I was losing my mind. I chalked it up to mommy brain. BUT…
I kept going over and over in my head where I put this or that. One night I stayed up all night fretting and replaying the last details in my brain, willing it to remember what happened. Such was the case when I was ready to go on a sewing frenzy. I had my set up: two machines, in fact, one for ruffling, one for straight stitching. I had my patterns. I had my materials. I went to thread the machines and BAM…no thread! I had the thread I’d recently purchased, but I needed bobbin casings and the thread I was certain I already had. I made do with what I had and only sewed two items.
Later, I lamented the loss of my sewing kit. I was glad to have gotten a picture of it when I did. I figured, maybe I tossed it out accidentally. But who knows. The same story goes for two necklaces, some of my rings, my address book (aaack!), and bobbin case (which I just bought for myself as an early birthday gift. I never needed one before, but I somehow accrued over 15 threaded bobbin cases and was happy to have a home for all of them).
no. freakin. clue.
And then it was laundry day. The Sugarbean was at school, so I decided to attempt to catch up on all her laundry, including the sheets. While I was at it, I figured I’d straighten out her closet. It’s an exercise in futility because no sooner is it organized and put together than…KABLOW, toddler explosion ensues and well, a good portion of her clothes, shoes, books, dolls, etc. are strewn about the floor and her shelves. Yet, at the beginning of the month, I do this organization of her closet almost like clockwork. (Wish I did it for my own!)

Guess what! When I pulled off the sheets, not only did I discover my little artist had colored her beautiful purple sheets with crayon, marker, and highlighter (my personal favorite were the giant ovals and circles she practiced), but I also found two of my missing necklaces! Later, when I was crouched at the bottom of her closet in search of hangers, I found some of my rings and coins! Then, after I had moved her laundry hamper into the laundry room, there it was, my old friend smiling at me, happy to have been rediscovered. My blue sewing kit! Of course, why didn’t I think to check for it on top of her princess shoe dress-up organizer! DUH! {shakingmyhead}
The address book is still missing, along with the bobbin case, but I’m thinking a certain small someone is responsible. Unfortunately, when I question her, she looks at me with those big brown eyes, grins, and says, “I don’t know, mommy.”

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