Happy 33rd Birthday

Thursday, June 17, 2010

wow, no really, wow! Talk about a sh-bang of a day. The day started at midnight while I toasted a Luna Azul shot with my BFF and her husband. His birthday is the day before mine and we have this tradition of hanging out the night of his actual day long enough to greet my day. It's awesome. When we got home, I noticed that I had two dozen gerbera daisies waiting for me on the table. *swoon* Then, I immediately passed out because I had to be up and at 'em in 6 hours.

I woke up to two texts from my sister and father wishing me awesome birthday wishes. Daddy's cracked me up because it said, "Happy Birthday! Today takes me back to the day I met you..." very true. I seriously thought someone was going to call me at 6:18AM, but nope, not this year. That's ok, though because I was getting ready for work. On my commute in to the office, my sister and I chatted and she lamented that she was unable to bring me birthday cake during lunch. For the past several years, it's been a tradition of her to bring me cake. I had actually forgotten about it until she mentioned it, but then it was there and all of a sudden I was having a tiny pity party. You see, Don scheduled a day full of doctor appointments (it's summer after all, and that's when teachers catch up on those things), so he wouldn't be able to make a surprise visit with the Sugarbean. That spiraled out of control, which reminded me that on my birthday, I wasn't going to get to see my little one awake and animated because I'd left before she got up and I wouldn't be home until long after she'd gone to sleep. Anyway, I got in to the office and Jenna had surprised me with chocolate cake and my very own Vapur water bottle!!! Wheee!!! I gobbled up the cake for breakfast and didn't feel a bit of guilt for it either.

Then, I got a call from Primo inviting me to Truluck's for lunch. This was the special for the day: filet mignon topped with lump crab, two shrimp with a jalapeno bearnaise sauce. Crab mac and cheese was the side. I should've stuck with the mashed potatoes, instead of subbing the mac and cheese, but it was still incredibly yummy and the meat melted in my mouth! So tender...
Here I am with eStacy as Primo took our photo. What is that? Bianca actually has her hair mostly down? Incredible!
Later, the server brought out this bit of deliciousness: Truluck's carrot cake and chocolate cake. a-w-e-s-o-m-e! I finally made a birthday wish!
When I came back from lunch, I received these baked cookies with ice cream and chocolate milk. Folks, they were still warm...FRESH BAKED!!! Insanity. Seriously, this was such a fun surprise and I'd never had fresh baked cookies delivered to my office before. That afternoon, I was treated to an iced grande caramel macchiato, non-fat by my super awesome boss. Some of the other guys went down for a walk with us as well and gave me well birthday wishes. It was really neat.
After work, I met up for happy hour with my sister and one of my BFFs. We mostly talked about her wedding, while noshing on pizza, hummus, and fondue and sipping on our candied apple martinis. Then, it was time for my sis and I to head out to Fair Park to watch Wicked. Two things to note: 1. We scored free parking because they only charge for valet. 2. We had tickets in the FRONT ROW!!!!!! Nice. Here we are getting ready to defy gravity.
During intermission, we nibbled on this sweetness and sipped some bubbly.
When I got home, I had to snap a photo of the flowers Don had waiting for me. That's the playbill from the show and a streamer from the show that I pulled off from the orchestra. I wanted to keep it because the green was fitting for the theme of the show.
At the end of the night, right before I tucked myself into bed, I opened gifts that I had been hoarding for my actual day. I received a fancy schmancy top with one of the funniest cards I've ever read in my life! (Thanks Erika) I also read the birthday journal that Lindsey and I share with one another on our birthdays. Finally, I read the card that Don had made me. I wanted to sleep with it tucked under my pillow, but then I feared that it'd fall off, or I'd want to eat it in my sleep mistaking it for a vegetable (seriously, didn't you just read about all of the sugar I inhaled during the day? I NEEDED a vegetable!). Instead, I tucked it under my phone, said a quick prayer of thanks and gratitude as tears of joy flooded my eyes.

I totally felt the love in the world out there. It was an amazing day!


Goosegirl said...

Happy Birthday Bianca!!! Your day sounds soooo wonderful!!! I hope this is a spectacular year for you.

Kristen, pajama mama said...

wow-that is a great day! blessings on another year!

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